Admissions Policies

Most of Fountainhead College's Admissions Policies are listed below. See the school catalog for a full list of policies.

Requirements for Associate's Degree Programs

Minimum requirements for admittance into individual courses or a degree program at Fountainhead College of Technology are: submit a high school diploma or GED; pass the school-administered enrollment exam; complete the Enrollment Agreement; and pay the $100 enrollment fee. If the applicant is younger than 18, permission to enroll must be granted by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Requirements for Bachelor's Degree Programs

After enrolling into an Associate's level program, a candidate may also enroll in one of the Bachelor's degree programs as an incoming freshman with no prior college credits to transfer. A candidate for transfer into one of the Bachelor's degree programs must have earned an Associate's degree or completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours from an accredited institute of higher learning, and must provide an official copy of his or her transcript prior to enrollment. Some candidates, including those with fewer than 60 semester credit hours, may need to successfully complete courses in one of our Associate's programs to satisfy technical requirements prior to being awarded a baccalaureate degree. This is determined on an individual case-by-case basis by the Director of Education. Applicants should understand that Bachelor's programs are more writing intensive than the Associate's programs and will require multiple written projects. Samples of written projects are available for review on campus.

Associate's and Bachelor's applicants who are denied may reapply after 30 days, assuming whatever circumstance that had prevented admittance has changed. Accepted applicants will receive a welcome letter and instructions for the first day of class. After 90 days, any incomplete applications will be considered denied.

Requirements for Online Students

Admission requirements for online students are the same as residential students with the exception of the Online Student Success Assessment (OSSA). Once a prospective student determines that they want to enroll into an online program they should fill out the Request for Information form and select the online program of interest. The OSSA can be taken online and will help the student and college determine if online training is a good option. Once the OSSA is complete, the student should schedule to visit the campus to review the OSSA results and learn more about the college. Prior to the campus visit the representative will provide you with a list of items to bring so that everything can be accomplished in a single visit. Online students should plan to visit the campus at the end of each semester to take an exam.

Cancellation Policy

The college reserves the right to cancel any class if the total enrollment is fewer than 20 students. If the student declines enrollment in a different program or semester, all monies paid in advance are refunded. To avoid this, students are encouraged to enroll early.

Applicants who have not visited the school prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to withdraw without penalty within three business days following orientation or a required tour of the facilities and inspection of equipment where training and services are provided.

Vaccination Policy

FCT does not require employees, prospects or enrolled students to obtain vaccinations as a condition of their employment or enrollment at the school. The school reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Enrolling in Individual Courses

Students who wish to enroll into individual courses for personal benefit may do so at the stated semester credit hour rate after meeting all admission requirements. Some courses may have prerequisites. Admission into individual courses is determined by the college's director and is contingent on availability after the final roster is established. Students enrolled in individual courses are not eligible for student financial aid or scholarships. Students enrolled in individual courses must achieve the same academic and attendance standards to receive credit for each completed course. Students who wish to attend individual courses should understand that these courses are not individually accredited. The college reserves the right to limit the number of students enrolled into individual courses.

Credit for Previous Training

Enrollees having previous training and/or experience in courses offered by the college will be evaluated during the admissions process and may be administered exams to determine the amount of credit (not to exceed 66%) given toward graduation. The student will be placed in training at the level school officials deem appropriate. Changes to an enrollment agreement may result in a $100 fee. The college partners with the following organizations to aid the evaluation process:

Fountainhead College follows ACE scoring recommendations and recommended semester credit hours for students earning CLEP credits. CLEP credits must be earned prior to enrollment in bachelor programs.

Transfer of College Credits

Transfer of credit to other schools is controlled by the receiving institution. The programs may be occupationally specialized programs, and credits earned may or may not readily transfer into other degree programs. A list of schools that have provided credit toward other degree programs may be obtained from the college.

Transfer of Credit Disclosure

Attendance Requirements

Enrollment is a matter of mutual agreement. In return for providing career training and placement assistance, the college expects good attendance by the student. Good attendance reflects good self-discipline and enhances learning and employability. Additionally, it may increase course grades. Poor attendance may lower course grades.

The College expects students to attend all scheduled class activities. As a minimum, students must be present in each course for at least 75% of their scheduled class activities to receive credit for the course, unless, in the opinion of the college, mitigating circumstances were present. For computational purposes, a partial absence (tardy or early departure) will be considered a 1-hour absence. A student absent in excess of 25% of a course will be advised by the Director of Education, who will evaluate and may verify the circumstances causing the missed classes and determine the appropriate action. Absences may be excused or may result in probation or termination and is at the discretion of the Director of Education. If further consideration is warranted, the student may appeal in writing to the Director of the College. Missed class work must be completed in a reasonable amount of time as prescribed by the student's instructors. A tardy is defined as arriving after attendance has been taken. Early departure is defined as leaving before the instructor dismisses the class.

Students disenrolled may be required to wait until the following semester before returning to class (if a course is available). Re-enrollment is at the discretion of the college. See Maximum Time Frame for more information on adverse results of poor attendance.

Attendance policies may be changed at the discretion of the college as deemed necessary by school officials, with input from approving agencies, commissions or government departments.


Leave of Absence

Students who must interrupt their training may be granted one approved leave of absence per 12-month period. An approved leave of absence may be granted if (1) it is between semesters; (2) the student has made a written request addressed to the college's director stating the reason for requesting the leave of absence; and (3) the leave of absence does not exceed one semester. A student on an approved leave of absence is not considered "withdrawn" while on a leave and will not be charged for the period. The student may return from an approved leave of absence at the same tuition schedule he or she had when granted the leave of absence. If the student fails to return after the approved leave of absence or is denied an approved leave or absence, the student is considered to have withdrawn, and the refund policy calculation requirements apply. A student on approved leave is considered enrolled and is eligible for an in-school deferment for federal loans but must complete his or her program within the 150 percent timeframe.

Required Study Time

All students should expect to spend a minimum of one hour every day outside of class time to review and prepare for class. Some students may have weekend assignments, depending on program and schedule.

Hours Conversion

One clock hour of instruction is equal to 60 minutes and will include a 10 minute break. Converting semester credit hours to clock hours is as follows:

Lecture: 1 semester credit hour = 15 clock hours

Lab: 1 semester credit hour = 30 clock hours

Refund Policy

Students Rejected by the College

Full amount of the enrollment fee is refunded to the student.

Students Canceling Enrollment Prior to Training

After signing an enrollment agreement, the student may cancel enrollment in a written statement to the director.

  • Within three days, 100% of the enrollment fee will be returned to the student.
  • After three days, the enrollment fee is nonrefundable.

Students Dismissed/Withdrawn After Starting Training

State Refund Policy Calculations and Return of Title IV Calculations (if applicable) will be performed by the financial aid office as part of the withdrawal process. Refunds will be made within 30 days of the college’s determination that the student has withdrawn.

State Refund Policy Calculations

The college will calculate refunds of tuition and fees for students that withdraw in accordance with the requirements of the Tennessee state law. All refunds are made less an administrative fee of $100.

  1. If withdrawal occurs before expiration of 10 percent of the semester, the college will refund 75 percent of the tuition charges for that semester.
  2. If withdrawal occurs after expiration of 10 percent but before 25 percent of the semester, the college will refund 25 percent of the tuition charges for the semester.
  3. If withdrawal occurs after expiration of the first 25 percent of the semester, no refund of tuition will be made. The student will be deemed obligated for 100 percent of the tuition charges assessed by the college for the semester.

Return of Title IV Funds

If the student withdraws from the college prior to the 60-percent point in any payment period and received or could have received federal financial aid in the form of grant or loan funds, federal law requires the college, and in some cases, the student to return funds unearned to the fund source. Up through the 60% point in each payment period, a pro rata schedule is used to determine the amount of Title IV Funds the student has earned at the time of withdrawal. After the 60% point, the student has earned 100% of the Title IV Funds. This calculation concerning federal financial aid is separate and distinct from the state refund policy and may result in the student owing additional funds to the college previously paid by federal financial aid prior to withdrawal.

Date of Withdrawal

The date of withdrawal is defined as the last day of attendance at an academically-related event.

Refund Distribution

Students must understand that they may not receive a refund directly and that federal regulations require refunds be made in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans; Subsidized Federal Stafford loans; Federal PLUS loans; Federal Pell Grants; other SFA programs; other federal, state, private, or institutional sources of aid; then, lastly, to the student. Refunds will be made within 45 days of the college receiving written notice of cancellation, withdrawal, or dismissal, or within 45 days of the date of withdrawal.  Students receiving a refund will be informed by letter as to the amount of the refund and to which program it was applied, and they may receive a refund check.

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