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We believe that a quality education should be available to anyone who desires one. Our Financial Aid Team works diligently with students to find  available funding sources so that students can get on track to acquire a career and realize their dreams.

Our team works with incoming students to help you navigate and simplify the financial aid process and match you with the resources and budget that is right for you. Pursuing an education at Fountainhead College is an investment in both time and money, and we understand that the amount of aid you will receive will influence your decision to attend. This is why we make this process as straightforward, streamlined and simple as possible. Fountainhead is a great school, and our financial aid team is eager to show you how to get the financial support you need to get on with your education. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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Financial Aid FAQs

  • What types of aid are available and how much will I receive?

    Students are potentially eligible for two kinds of financial aid from the government: grants (which do not need to be repaid) and loans (which must be repaid).

    You will need to review your budget with the Financial Aid team.

  • What is federal student aid and how is eligibility determined?

    Federal Student Aid (FSA) is financial assistance for eligible students to help pay for their educational expenses while enrolled in college. FSA is the most common form of financial assistance students apply for and ought to be considered before private loans.

    To determine eligibility for federal loans and grants, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA is NOT a loan application and applying does not require any credit checks into your financial history. The FAFSA simply gives you information on what the federal government will contribute to your education, so you and your family can plan and budget early and more accurately.  You should complete the FAFSA even if you think you won't qualify, as most families ARE eligible for some form of federal student aid. We suggest that all incoming students apply for FAFSA at

  • What are grants and what grants are available?

    Grants are financial gifts that are not paid back. [The only time they must be paid back is if they are obtained through false information or if the student’s withdrawal from school creates an over-award.]

    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Tennessee Student Assistance Award
    • Department of Human Services sponsorship
  • What are Federal Direct Loans and how do I apply?

    Federal direct loans must be paid back regardless of whether a student graduates. Three of the most common loans are:

    • Subsidized Stafford
    • Unsubsidized Stafford
    • Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students – PLUS

    Before you apply for a Federal Direct Loan, you will need to complete entrance counseling at Then, you may apply for your loan by signing a Master Promissory Note at the same website.

  • What is a private loan and what private loans are available?

    Private loans are often used to supplement federal student loans when federal loans are not sufficient to cover the full cost of education. Sallie Mae's Smart Option Student Loan is available to Fountainhead College students.

  • What aid is available to veterans?

    Fountainhead College is a Military-Friendly School and we support our military students and veterans by helping their financial aid process be as seamless as possible. Learn more about our Veterans Benefit Programs.

  • What institutional programs are available?

    • Fountainhead payment plan
    • Retail Installment Contract (Tuition reimbursement)

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