Financial Aid Requirements

Initial federal student aid eligibility requirements include: having a high school diploma or GED, being enrolled at least half-time, having U.S. citizenship or proof of eligible non-citizenship, having a clean financial aid history and being registered with Selective Service (if required).

To determine if you are eligible to receive aid, you should follow these steps:

Complete the FAFSA Form
Accurately complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applications are online at Our Financial Aid Office  is available to help you if you have questions about this process.

  1. Verify your data
    If you are "selected for verification," you will be required to provide certain documents so that the school can verify the data on your application. Rules and procedures will need to be observed concerning the documents you are asked to bring to the College.
  2. Provide any requested documents
    You are required to provide any requested document within 90 days of signing the application for financial aid and before any aid can be awarded. You will be informed in writing of the documentation needed and the deadline. If you fail to provide the required documentation within the specified time period, you may need to submit additional documentation. Remember that no aid is awarded prior to completion of the verification process. We will notify you of the verification results as soon as possible, no longer than 30 days after your documentation is received. If you are required to correct any information, the Financial Aid Team will help you through the process. Again, federal and state aid will not be awarded or delivered until the process is complete. Making corrections could delay your starting date.
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