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blogsThank you for your interest in making a blog post on the Fountainhead College website!

To Register, contact the webmaster.

Below are the Login Instructions for Registered Users.

Login at

Your login credentials:

  1. Username: Use your FCT email address - (Do not use the .com suffix)
  2. Password: (Case sensitive) use your FCT email address - (Do not use the .com suffix)

How to add a blog post (when logged in):

  1. Add a Title
  2. Under Section, select Blog
  3. Under Category, select the specific Blog you will post to: News | Computer & IT | Electronics & Robotics | Health Info | Career Path
  4. Write your blog post in word processor, re-read and edit
  5. Right-click on the body of the blog article and “Paste as Plain Text”
  6. Click on Preview to proof your article
  7. Click Save

If you use another author's words, make sure to give credit to the original author and source / website. Your blog posts should include your own thoughts and commentary about outside articles if you are referencing another person's ideas. All blog posts are moderated by the webmaster (Joel Southern), and will be edited and approved before going live.

I will always add an image, however, you can submit an image or a link to a copyright-free image you would like to have included with your post. Thanks for your contributions!

Need help?

Contact Joel Southern (webmaster & marketing director), and I'll be glad to walk you through these steps.

How to change your password?

  1. Go to: and log in
  2. Click the edit your account link on the next page
  3. Edit details and click Save
  4. Click Log Out link
  5. Click Log Out Button
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