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Reinvent your Selfie


Fountainhead College has launched a new ad campaign that encourages people to “Reinvent your Selfie” with a degree from Fountainhead College of Technology. Most Fountainhead graduates have reinvented themselves by earning degrees and finding good jobs in their respective industries. This campaign begs the question: how are you going to reinvent yourself and your career?

You can see our ads on the school’s Facebook and YouTube sites. Show your support of Fountainhead by “liking” our campaign posts. Fountainhead has “Selfie” billboards up all over Knox and Blount Counties, and we are producing a handful of new TV commercials that begin to tell the stories of select graduates, and the successes they've found, in part, to the education they received at Fountainhead. 


The school is asking students and graduates to get involved too. Are you a member of the Fountainhead family? If so, please send us a photo/selfie showing how you have “Reinvented your Selfie” since you enrolled at or graduated from Fountainhead.

If you’ve scored a job, send us a photo of yourself in your new work environment. We want to see Before and After photos: before enrolling and after enrolling. Include a sentence or two telling us what you were doing before you enrolled and how your life is different after enrolling. 

Nedbal-Selfie-before-afterWe want to pay special tribute to our veterans by asking vets to send us a photo of yourself while in the military, and also a photo/selfie of yourself now. Email your selfie to AND/OR post your photos directly to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (use the hashtag #ReinventYourSelfie). We will print your photos and add them to a special "Selfie" bulletin board. 

What are you waiting for? Reinvent your Selfie!


Best Technical School in Knoxville - Again!

Metro-Pulse Best of Knoxville 2014 - smallThank you, Knoxville!

For the second year in a row, Knoxvillians have chosen Fountainhead College of Technology as the Best Technical/Business School in Knoxville. The 2014 Metro Pulse annual reader’s poll is out, and Fountainhead came out on top, again. Read Jack Neely's winning description of the school in this week's Metro Pulse magazine, reprinted below:

Best Technical/Business School

Fountainhead College of Technology

"Located on a relatively new campus near the intersection of I-40 and Pellissippi Parkway, Fountainhead enrolls about 250 students who are seeking bachelors’ and associates’ degrees in multiple aspects of information technology, including computer programming, wireless communication, and network security.

Fountainhead is especially known for its Internet-protection training (how many schools have a Cyber Defense Club?) has been designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. So the NSA approves of them, but you don’t have to approve of the NSA to be impressed. Fountainhead don’t make federal policy, but at Fountainhead they can explain how it all works.

Fountainhead actually started on Gay Street, in 1947, in the building currently being renovated as Tailor Lofts. It was originally known as the “Tennessee Radio Service School,” and aimed at returning GIs. The school later settled for years on Tazewell Pike in the Fountain City area, where they got the name. (J.N.)"

We are grateful for your support, Knoxville. You can count on us to earn your support in the years to come!


Securing and Attacking the HTML5 Landscape

infragard_IMA_logo1-smKnoxville InfraGard Chapter Meeting

Securing and Attacking the HTML5 Landscape will be the topic of this InfraGard Knoxville chapter meeting on Thursday, May 22 from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at Fountainhead College. This meeting is free and open to the public.

Our guest speaker will be Blake Hitchcock of Cisco Systems, Inc. He describes his talk as follows:

HTML5“Though HTML5 is still in Candidate Recommendation status, many of the proposed features are well supported by the major browser vendors and are becoming more and more common in web applications. As with any new feature set, HTML5 introduces a new class of vulnerabilities and exploit possibilities. It also provides functionality that, when used properly, can harden the security of web applications. This talk will focus on features such as Web Messaging, CORS, client Storage APIs, sandboxing, HTTP security headers, and other topics of interest related to HTML5 security. I will discuss how to use these features securely as well as how to attack and assess the security of an application using these technologies. “

Blake Hitchcock has been building and breaking web applications for 4 years with Cisco. He loves writing in Ruby and JavaScript, and 'Burp' is not just something he does after a few too many kielbasas. When he's not doing web stuff, Blake enjoys fitness, good food, sports, and cheering for his beloved Volunteers.

InfraGard Knoxville Members Alliance

The mission of the Infragard East Tennessee Members Alliance is to educate and inform our region's businesses, organizations, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, as well as private citizens on issues surrounding cybercrime and security. The East Tennessee Infragard Chapter is a 501c nonprofit organization, and is one part of a national networked organization called InfraGard.

Directions to Fountainhead College:

Congratulations Graduates!

Ready for Work!

spring-gradsFountainhead College recognized 16 graduating students at its spring graduation ceremony on Friday, April 25, in the auditorium of the school’s former campus at Tazewell Pike.

The graduating class comprises students from all program areas of the college, including Network Security & Forensics, Health Information Management, Information Technology, Electronics Technology, and Computer Programming, among others.

Retired Air Force Colonel Ralph Pubillones gave a practical but heartwarming graduation address that detailed, in a very personal way, the essential lessons learned from his military experiences. See his full bio below.

Many graduating students will join the workforce immediately, having been hired by employers in the Knoxville area including TeamHealth, Comcast, Covenant Health, US Cellular and the IT Company. A handful of graduating students will celebrate their graduation experience with parents who are also graduates from the school, when it was the Tennessee Institute of Electronics.

Fountainhead College wishes our graduates the best of luck as they begin this new chapter in their careers. We are proud that in our 67-years as an institution of higher education, our graduates continue to have a unique and positive impact on nearly every technology-related industry in the region.

Ralph Pubillones Bio

Ralph Pubillones served in the United States Air Force for 27 years. He held high-level assignments in command, intelligence, politico-military affairs, and missile operations. He served on tours with the Defense Intelligence Agency, US Southern Command, US Strategic Command, and US Transportation Command. He held assignments in Panama, Korea, and Germany.

Pubillones was the first Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency-hosted Director of Central Intelligence Underground Facility Analysis Center. Ralph retired from the Air Force in 2003 as a colonel. Since retiring from the Air Force, Ralph has been a program manager and a business development manager with Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions where he was responsible for a US Intelligence Community agency and business development customers. Ralph now lives in Tellico Village. He and his wife have two sons and four grandchildren.

H.S. Senior Open House

Is your future in focus?

Visit Fountainhead College of Technology's Senior Open House and learn about the many career paths and degree opportunities offered by the school.
Students can meet with instructors and advisors from the financial aid, career services and admissions departments. Light refreshments will be served.
When: Tuesday, April 22, from 3 – 7 pm.
Where: 10208 Technology Drive, Knoxville, TN 37932
Students who enroll Fall 2014 can graduate as early as December 2015 with an Associate Degree in Information Technology, Electronics, Computer Programming or Health Information Technology. 
Join us to learn more about these degree programs!

Directions to Fountainhead College:  Link to Google Map

Gen Ed Students Learn Invaluable Lesson

Students discover hope amidst terror


A general education class at Fountainhead College traveled to King University’s Hardin Valley campus on March 31 to attend a talk given by Holocaust survivor Alfred Münzer.

Many students afterwards were struck by Münzer’s positive, even uplifting stories, in the face of horrible personal loss.

When he recounted his father who died shortly after the liberation of the camp where he was imprisoned, for example, Münzer spoke affectionately of the edelweiss flowers that now grow on his father’s grave.

“The sacrifices that were made just so he can be with us today,” said Fountainhead student Michael Hall, “speaks volumes for the power of the human spirit.”


US First Robotics Competition


robot-at-competitionThe First US Robotics Competition came to Knoxville on March 27-29, 2014, and the Knoxville Convention Center became home to over 50 of the area’s top high school robotics teams. The three-day event culminated in a two-out-of-three final showdown between the best teams of the weekend. 

While the standing-room only preliminaries kept a frantic crowd screaming and cheering for their favorites, the real show took place in the pit area behind the grandstands. Taking a stroll through the pits brought the smell of motor oil and burnt resistors mixed with a visual extravaganza that would warm the soul of any Techie. Toolboxes brimmed with the latest in Arduino-based technology, and soldering iron sizzled and smoked as components were replaced with NASCAR-like speed and precision. The sportsmanship on the playing field extended behind the scenes as rival teams shared software upgrades and swapped spare parts to keep machines running.

The raucous sounds of the fanatical crowd signaled the beginning of the final phase of competition. In this sport, the object of the game is two-fold. The robot can score by shooting the ball through a designated goal, or by herding the ball out of a gate. The combination of basketball and soccer makes play fast and exciting with robots being remotely controlled for certain tasks and running in autonomous mode for designated portions of the game. The Red Coalition, featuring the team from Oak Ridge, made a clean sweep in two games and will advance to the next stage of competition.

While shooting basketball is not the epitome of robotics, it is a viable path for robotics education that can lead to greater things in the future. The same technology being developed by these high school students will spread into other applications and fuel the future of the robotics industry. I want a personal robot that will bring me coffee in the mornings, and if it wants to shoot some hoops after breakfast, who am I to say no?


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