CyberDefense Club


Want to know more about cyberdefense and cybersecurity but are not sure where to start?

Then check out this semester's kick-off meetings of Fountainhead College's CyberDefense Club this Wednesday afternoon. Club meetings are held in Classroom 2 every Wednesday from 1:00-2:00 (for day students) and also from 4:00-5:00 pm (for evening students).

The Club is designed for students to learn by doing interesting weekly projects that develop problem-solving skills and marketable, real-world skills on projects related to network security and virtual computing. Fountainhead's CyberDefense Club is led by Tim Thomas, who is the CyberDefense Team Captain, as well as the Recruiting and Admissions Team Manager at the college.

The goal of the Club is to be a resource for students (usually IT, ET, & Programming students – but everyone is welcome) interested in cybersecurity and also to support the school's CyberDefense Team, which competes yearly in the spring at the Southeastern Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC). While there, the team is judged on their ability to detect and respond to outside, malicious threats to an existing commercial network and will score points by protecting mail and web servers, responding to business requests, and balancing security needs against business needs.


Join the CyberDefense Club by logging into the school's online learning management system "Moodle," and selecting CyberDefense Club.

Or contact Tim Thomas, CyberDefense Team Captain, for more information. Kera Porter serves as this year's Co-Captain of the Team.

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