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East Tennessee CyberSecurity Summit


Tech experts attend East Tennessee CyberSecurity Summit

Fountainhead College students and faculty are rubbing shoulders with technology experts in government, private business and academia for the eighth annual East Tennessee Cyber Security Summit.

The two-day summit began Tuesday at the downtown Hilton Hotel and is hosted by the FBI, University of Tennessee, Fountainhead College of Technology, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This year, the topics for discussion will be new and emerging technologies, including cloud computing and mobile computing. Attendees will also get a chance to learn more about cyber espionage and network forensics and how to expunge threats that have infiltrated systems.

ETCSS-conference-organizersFountainhead College sponsored an After Hours Party at the Icon Lounge in the Sunsphere after Tuesday's sessions.

Conference organizers, including Fountainhead College President Casey Rackley (2nd from right) pictured.



CyberSecurity Workshops

code1Pentesting Workshops Scheduled: A few seats still available

Fountainhead College of Technology welcomes cybersecurity expert Joe McCray to campus April 10 and 11 to teach two hands-on, all-day workshops on penetration testing. Students, InfraGard members and attendees of last October’s East Tennessee Cyber Security Summit will be learning about pentesting, which is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from malicious outsiders or, in some cases, insiders with malicious intentions.


Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

enzymeAn amazing scientific breakthrough has taken place after scientists handed over an unsolved problem to a group of gamers who solved the puzzle while motivated to reach high scores. This story demonstrates how important “fun” is in the learning process.

Online gamers solve AIDS retroviral puzzle for scientists
Gamers solve in days, what scientists couldn't in years

MineCraft Multiplayer Server

MinecraftHello, my name is Steven Fisher, aka, "Netwired."

I am not sure how many of you know of an awesome game called MineCraft, but this game is fantastic. A little background info about MineCraft:

  • It is still in Beta (due to release in November 2011)
  • It is a Sandbox game (Meaning you can build anything you want)
  • There are many mods/plugins (modifications for the game)

Morto Internet Worm

virus-imageHave you heard about the new Internet Worm Morto?

You might want to read this.

Internet Worm in the Wild

Published: 2011-08-29,
by Kevin Shortt (Version: 1)

Well, the word is out. Morto, the latest Internet worm, has arrived and clearly has been working itself around for a while.


CyberDefense Club


Want to know more about cyberdefense and cybersecurity but are not sure where to start?

Then check out this semester's kick-off meetings of Fountainhead College's CyberDefense Club this Wednesday afternoon. Club meetings are held in Classroom 2 every Wednesday from 1:00-2:00 (for day students) and also from 4:00-5:00 pm (for evening students).

The Club is designed for students to learn by doing interesting weekly projects that develop problem-solving skills and marketable, real-world skills on projects related to network security and virtual computing. Fountainhead's CyberDefense Club is led by Tim Thomas, who is the CyberDefense Team Captain, as well as the Recruiting and Admissions Team Manager at the college.


PowerShell & Active Directory Domain


PowerShell & Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) is the key enterprise deployments of Microsoft Windows. An enterprise using Windows without using AD DS is not taking advantage of everything Windows can do. If you own a business, have more than 5 people employed and you are not using AD DS, you're living an administrators nightmare. AD DS is a role unique to Microsoft's server operating systems. It's not available on Windows 7, Vista, XP or Windows 2000 professional.


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