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Ahh... some Open Source information enters the picture regarding the mission of the Cyber Operations designated academic institutions. Originally, the Cyber Operations designation was slated to be placed under the Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. However, due to the funding source the US Congress decided that the designation required a degree of separation. Read on for a glimpse behind the curtain known as Cyber Operations.

University Of Tulsa Offers Course Training Students In Online Espionage

 (by James Gilbert of Elite Daily from the Huffington Post on 11/26/2012)

The University of Tulsa in Oklahoma is offering a two-year course that trains students in online espionage, for those looking to pursue a career with the CIA, National Security Agency or Secret Service.

Students in the online espionage course are learning how to write computer viruses, hack networks, crack passwords and mine data from a range of digital devices.

The Cyber Corps program places 85 percent of its graduates with the NSA, known to students as "the fraternity, " or the CIA, which they refer to as "the sorority."

Sujeet Shenoi, an Indian immigrant to the U.S., founded the program at Tulsa's Institute for Information Security in 1998 and continues to lead the teaching, the LA Times reported.

"I throw them into the deep end," Shenoi told the LA Times. "And they become fearless."

Students are taught with a mixture of classroom theory and practical field work. Each is assigned to a police crime lab on campus to apply their skills to help recover evidence from digital devices. (Read more...)

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