NIST updates, expands glossary of security terms


The NIST Glossary of Key Information Security terms is a reference resource. The key points mentioned in the article relate to its usefulness in examining CNSS and NIST documents. The benefit for students and professionals in Network Security and Information Assurance is when the NIST Glossary is used in conjunction with the NIST NICE Framework.


NIST Updates, Expands Glossary of Security Terms

By William Jackson Dec 11, 2012

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is updating its Glossary of Key Information Security terms, and has released a draft of the latest revision(PDF) of Interagency Report 7298.

The glossary contains more than 200 pages of definitions, from “Access” (the ability to make use of any information system resource) to “Zone of Control” (the three-dimensional space surrounding equipment that processes classified and/or sensitive information). It defines the responsibilities of the chief information officer and describes the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) as well as its specifications and languages.

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