Jihadist Terrorism to be discussed at InfraGard meeting

Knoxville InfraGard Chapter Meeting


FBI Intelligence Analysts will discuss internet jihadists and insider threats at the next InfraGard Chapter meeting on Thursday, May 9th, at 4:30 pm at the Fountainhead College of Technology's campus at 10208 Technology Drive in West Knoxville. (See map below.)

This is an open meeting, so visitors are welcome.

During the last decade the greatest terrorist threat has comes from what is referred to as 'jihadist terrorism'. Certainly since 11 September 2001, many bloody terrorist attacks have been carried out under pretext of a religious armed struggle, known as the 'jihad'.


matrix-screen-with-skullAt the start of 2007, jihadists were using the Internet widely as a resource for propaganda, for example, or to recruit people. The threat of terrorist attacks against the Internet (Internet as a target) or via the Internet (Internet as a weapon) were being investigated. Both the Internet and jihadism are continuing to develop. In a Congressional Research Service report titled American Jihadist Terrorism: Combating a Complex Threat, Jerome P. Bjelopera, Specialist in Organized Crime and Terrorism, states "The Web may also play a role in the experiences of many would-be and actual terrorists, just as it does in the lives of so many people.
The interactivity of chat rooms, blogs, social networking sites, message boards, video hosting sites, and e-mail blurs the lines between readership and authorship that previous generations of terrorists and sympathizers encountered with pamphlets, newspapers, and newsletters. This blurring possibly encourages people who interact in such forums to more easily see themselves as part of broader jihadist movements and not just casual readers or online spectators. They may eventually engage in more substantive activity—actual propagandizing, financial support, or joining a terrorist network.
To shed more light on the Internet jihadists and an update on insider threats, InfraGard is pleased to have SA Nicole Hembree and SA Scott Peterson, FBI Intelligence Analysts, at this next session. SSA Robert Kosky will be on hand to set the stage for this presentation.
InfraGard Knoxville Members Alliance

The mission of the Infragard East Tennessee Members Alliance is to educate and inform our region's businesses, organizations, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, as well as private citizens on issues surrounding cybercrime and security. The East Tennessee Infragard Chapter is a 501c nonprofit organization, and is one part of a national networked organization called InfraGard. 

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