The Secret About Wireless

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Do you know where wireless signals come from?

There is no disputing that wireless signals surround us each moment of every day. But think about this: where do the signals come from? They are generated by transmitters. Do not be misled into believing technology will ever be exclusively wireless. There HAS to be a physically wired backbone from which transmitters generate a wireless signal. Thankfully, these signals are interpreted as digital ones and zeros, and as a Wireless Technician, one must have the neccessary IT skills to understand the complexity of pairing physical network toplogies to the wireless end user.

From "The True Wireless" by Nikola Tesla (the "Father of Wireless") circa 1919, we have this incredible forecast: 

"The popular impression is that my wireless work was begun in 1893, but as a matter of fact I spent the two preceding years in investigations, employing forms of apparatus, some of which were almost like those of today. It was clear to me from the very start that the successful consummation could only be brought about by a number of radical improvements. Suitable high frequency generators and electrical oscillators had first to be produced.

The energy of these had to be transformed in effective transmitters and collected at a distance in proper receivers. Such a system would be manifestly circumscribed in its usefulness if all extraneous interference were not prevented and exclusiveness secured. In time, however, I recognized that devices of this kind, to be most effective and efficient, should be designed with due regard to the physical properties of this planet and the electrical conditions obtaining on the same."

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