One for the gamers

e3logoEvery summer, all the biggest names in videogames gather for the E3 Expo. During the expo, all the major players in the gaming industry debut all their new games, accessories, and systems.

This year, Sony introduced the newest version of their PSP portable gaming system. The system now named the Sony PSVita, features dual analog control sticks, front and rear cameras, a 5-inch touch screen OLED screen in the front, touchpad on the back, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities.

The system is run by an ARM Cortex A9 (4 core) CPU and even incorporates the six-axis control that is found in Sony's PS3 controllers.

Many gamers feel that this may be Sony's way of trying to make up for their failure of the PSPGO system that has recently stopped production. Sony has set their starting price at $249. With all the new features and decent price point, I personally think this new system may just be another homerun for Sony. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the PSVista and putting Sony's new tech through its paces.

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