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SuperHero-with-laptop-webWhich computer is best?

As both a gamer and a big tech geek, I am often asked: "which computer should I get?" or "which gaming system should I get?" Well, with that I have decided to give my advice.

Let's start with computers. Oh the choices, the options, and the prices. So which do you get?

Well, first you should look at what you need. If you just like to go on Facebook or check your email then you don't need much to fit your needs. Computers to fit your needs are everywhere these days. You don't need a fast processor or large amounts of RAM.

Are you the movie and music downloading type? Then you will need some bigger storage. Hunt for something with a big hard-drive. Are you a gamer? Well, then you're going to need some more "umph" in a computer. Look for a faster processor, more RAM, and a discrete video card is a MUST.

Do you travel a lot? If so, you should look into a laptop or perhaps a tablet (if you just like to play on the internet). Now the big question: Mac or PC? Well, for the most part, this is a matter of opinion. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages. Macs are generally a little more expensive but are a solid platform and less likely to get a virus or software issue. PCs use Windows. Windows is somewhat easier to use, and if you're a gamer, there are more games available to you.

When you decide what path you intend to head down it's time for the trip to the store. Right? WRONG! Do yourself a favor. Spend some time on Consumer Reports. Read reviews and get some honest, unbiased answers. If you arm yourself with some good knowledge before you go, then you're less likely to make a purchase that you will regret.

Now let's talk gaming systems. This is a big matter of opinion. There are basically 3 major players in the gaming industry: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. If you're on the go a lot then Nintendo's DS series or Sony's PSP are your best bet. I'm a big fan of the DS series myself. The PSP of late has been losing speed because Sony is set to release their new portable soon. For home systems, there is Microsoft's XBOX 360, Nintendo's Wii, and Sony's PS3. The Wii is great for family games and for light hearted gaming. While the Wii is a lot of fun, it does not have a lot of power to run the less "cartoonish" games. With the 360 and PS3, you get a more powerful system to work with. The 2 systems are in a constant "battle" amongst gamers.

The simple fact is, BOTH are great systems. With XBOX you will have to pay a fee every year to play online with others and Sony has the added bonus of Blu-Ray technology - but the XBOX is backwards compatible with the original XBOX games and has a larger hard drive. So in the long run, it's all a matter of opinion. All 3 are great systems and have plenty of fun games.

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