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mm-Scale Computing

Phoenix_chipAs technology advances, it seems that the creators of new technology are trying to cram as much into a space as possible. Some creators at the University of Michigan (www.umich.edu) are no exception to this idea. They have recently unveiled the third-generation Phoenix chip. The chip combines a microprocessor, pressure sensor, memory, battery, solar cell, and a radio transmitter all in one package. The really amazing part is that this package is about the same size as the letter "N" you would find in the word "One Cent" you find written on a penny!


Your flashlight is as smart as your computer!

Ahhhhh technology.... it's all around us.
Some of us (myself included) can't seem to make it through a day without it. To some technology is a crazy and magical thing beyond comprehension. To others it's just something we use from day to day without even thinking twice about it. From TVs to radios to computers, electronics are everywhere these days.

The other day I was leaving for class and caught my laptop bag on a flashlight in my truck. When I looked at the flashlight I realized that the flashlight is a form of this "magical" technology. As I continued on my way to class my mind wondered around and I came to realize this, my flashlight is just as smart as my computer!!!!!


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