End of Semester Wind Down

HolidayfireplaceHalloween drifted by like a shadow in the hallway. Thanksgiving came and went in a cranberry haze. And in the classrooms of Fountainhead College of Technology, the first semester ground down to a difficult and welcome halt.

Yeah, it's about over. As of this writing, I've got a final exam tonight and a final exam tomorrow night.

I've written before about the disparity between linear time and experiential time; it just doesn't seem like I've been back in school since August. Now the Winter Holidays are upon us and students are about to take a three-week-long break. We need it. We're tired. Information bounces around in our brains like out-of-control bumper cars. Abbreviations, acronyms and chunks of mental pop-up text are screeching around our craniums, throwing sparks. The folks I'm in class with are droopy. Their shoulders slump forward and their brows furrow with intensity.

We're ready to wind down.

I'm hoping you get a chance to relax sometime during this holiday season. Some of the students who were here before I was are graduating this Friday. Congratulations to them, and I look forward to the day when I am one of them.

However you celebrate the Holidays (and there is more than one Holiday during this time of year), I hope you get what you need. I hope you are delighted with welcome surprises. I hope your home is filled with laughter; even it is just you, by yourself, cackling at something dumb on TV. Most of all, I hope you get the chance to just chill. Relax for a bit. Perhaps get a little introspective and focus on the good things in your life, wherever you may find them.

The New Year is coming. When January rolls around, I'll be back in class, making flash cards and learning about anatomy and physiology. But for the next little bit, I'm going to hang out with my wife. I'm going to watch my kids open their presents. And I'm not going to do much else.

I'll see you in 2012.

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