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Discrimination Against Smokers

smokerI read an article in Medpage Today by Kristina Fiore concerning the percentage of adults (not children) that have quit smoking. The article stated that since 2005 there has been a 1.6% decrease in adults that smoke. That is about 3 million people or, put another way, 1 in 5 adults still smoke. I have strong opinions about this, and I hope that you will also comment on this story and share your opinion.

According to the research, there are benefits to quitting smoking. When I go on interviews I do not smoke prior to the interview, and I do not smoke at work. This is largely due to the prejudices against smokers. There have been many people that have died from cancers and lung diseases that do not smoke, as well as some that do. To me, the quit smoking campaign is another band wagon for followers to jump on. I am not a follower. Indeed, I am a leader.


A New Student's Perspective: My Name is Jeff

The adventures and musings of a new Fountainhead student

I miss wrestling. Normally, I spend my Monday nights on the couch with my wife and the kids, watching grown men throw each other about like rag dolls. It's dumb. I like it.

This Monday night, however, my brain is trying to wrap itself around the ten factors that create a positive work environment. It is working its way through the concept of "bioethics." On one level, my mind is making flashcards with words to memorize like "alveolus" and "amnion."  

And I ask myself, how did I get here? Why am I giving up my weeknights for this, especially tonight, when The Miz is wrestling for a title shot? What in the world am I doing in a healthcare class?

Let's jump back for a second.


Bake Sale for Health Student Group

bake-saleFountainhead College's Health Information Student Group, "Club Med of FCT," will host a Bake Sale next Monday, August 15, during the student breaks throughout the day and evening. Please buy Raffle tickets to win a cake and support the Club! A delicious cake will be raffled for both day and evening students, and the winners will be announced before the end of the last break in both day and evening classes.

So bring your sweet tooth! We will sell Cookies, Brownies, No-bake cookies, Fudge and more. Prices will be as low as .50 cents.


Congratulations to another Health Info Graduate!

Congratulations to Angel Coach, a December 2010 graduate of the Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Health Information Technology program. Angel was just hired by Hillcrest to be an Admissions Coordinator. Good work, Angel! Enjoy your new career!


AAPC chapter meetings

AAPCTo all Health Information Students:

There are three upcoming AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders Chapter Association) chapter meetings. I hope to see many of you there!


Health Info Student Group - Club Med Launched

Club Med of FCT Launches New Student Club

Fountainhead's new health information club for students, "Club Med of FCT" elected new officers at their July 18, 2011, meeting. See the organizational chart below.

The purpose of Club Med of FCT is to connect the students of Fountainhead College of Technology that are either enrolled in a medical program or interested in the medical career field, so they can have a dependable network of continuing education and support.


Congratulations to our recent graduates!

Congratulations to Stephen Douglas, who graduated in May with an Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Health Information Technology. Stephen was hired by Millennium Laboratories as a medical coder. Way to go, Stephen!

Also, congratulations to Stephanie Coiner Cox, one of our May 2011 Medical Coding Certificate graduates. Stephanie was just hired by Faculty Internal Medicine as an Electronics Health Records (EHR) Specialist and Medical Coder. 

We're very proud of you both! 

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