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Efficient Medical Electronic Billing Claims

Medical-billingElectronic billing is not that easy as you might think. But there are always good training, practice and ways to efficiently maximize the use of electronic billing submission. There are many advantages why medical providers must submit claims by electronic. One is because the processing and reimbursement time is at least within 72 hours compared to a paper billing that may take up to 3 weeks. Electronic submission reduces errors and loss of claims by 98%. Transmission is fully encrypted and compliant with HIPAA rules and guidelines.

I believe that these ten steps listed below will help us to make electronic health records and medical billing submissions easier. It's important that someone come up with a way to make medical electronic billing claims submission easier. These are great ideas. Let me know what you guys think.


Your Top EHR Concerns?


What are your top fears surrounding electronic health records?

I recently read an article written by Mike Miliard titled "Top 10 'urban myths' of EHRs." Surprisingly, my one fear or concern was not addressed in the Top 10. I would like to know: Are your top fears about electronic health records (EHR) addressed?


Health Info Student Club Launch

Health Information Students Launch New Student Organization

The first meeting of Fountainhead's new health information club for students, tentatively named "Club Med at FCT," will be held on Wednesday, July 6,  at 1:00 in Classroom #1.

This meeting will be informal so that all interested students will have the opportunity to give feedback about your goals for this new club.

Forms will be available prior to the first meeting to gather ideas on meeting times, bylaws and other topics.

We will discuss the new bylaws, discuss the election and voting process for new board members, and of course we will answer any questions that you have.

I am excited about creating a medical/health information organization for the students here at Fountainhead College of Technology.


Congratulations to FCT Graduate

teamCongratulations to Janie Lane, one of our December 2010 graduates. Janie was just hired by Team Health as an emergency-department CPT coder (Current Procedural Terminology). Way to go, Janie!!

By the way, Team Health has several other openings, so if you're a graduate looking for a training-related job, go to their website, and check it out!


Energy Boost from Red?

redEnergy Boost from the Color Red?

A new study suggests that the color red makes the muscles move faster and with more force. This finding could have implications in sports and other activities where energy boosts are needed. Andrew Elliot, a professor from the University of Rochester, stated in a news release that "red enhances our physical reactions because it is seen as a danger cue."

Other researchers say most people are unaware of the intensifying effect the color red has on a physical performance. Also, the perception of the color evokes worry, distraction, and self-preoccupation, which could hamper performance. 


Health IT: #1 Hot Career

Health IT No. 1 on list of top 10 'hot' careers 

Healthcare IT News

Staff SAN DIEGO – Healthcare information technology tops the list of 10 ‘hot careers’ for college graduates in 2011, according to a new study from the University of San Diego Extension.

Due to government initiatives in recent years, the study states, the healthcare industry adopted an advanced technology system for managing and utilizing health information, medical establishments have the goal of transferring all healthcare information to an advanced technology-driven database within the next decade.


Cool Speed Anatomy Game

anatomyWant to learn anatomy and have fun while you learn?

Download an app to your iPhone or Android phone to play Speed Anatomy. This is a great way to practice and remember what you've learned in your anatomy and medical terminology classes. Practice mode lets you learn specific regions without doing all the previous levels. Review mode lets you replay all the mistakes you made in the last game.

How fast can you point to your liver, gall bladder or incisor? Do you know the difference between the auricle and the utricle, the sacrum and the manubrium? Speed Anatomy is an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy!

The light version is free, and the full version is just 99 cents. There are also in-depth 'MD' versions for Bones, Muscles, Veins and Arteries.


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