Cyber Defense Team 2012


We want to thank our preceding CyberDefense Teams for the determination and commitment they’ve shown in preparing for and contending in previous years’ competitions. Their efforts are very much appreciated.

As an organization we’ve made a decision to recommit ourselves to you (the potential team) and the Southeastern Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC), and as such we will be implementing several structural and procedural changes.


As you may know, the SECCDC is centered on the ICT operations of a fictional business. As such, many of the issues you’ll be dealing with are business process injections. To make sure that we’ve fully prepared our competitors for this aspect of the event (and the real world) we’ve created a structured hierarchy of reporting that will be followed from this point forward.


As you’ll notice, we intend to award the responsibilities of team captain to the person who can show that they are the most motivated and prepared. Our CIO will be interviewing those who are interested in applying for this position on June 14th 2011. Please make certain you’ve schedule your interview well in advance of this date by emailing me to indicate your desire to participate.

As a part of this interview we will expect you to deliver a formal presentation in which you outline your plans and vision for:

  1.  Overall team mission. Should support the college’s Mission Statement:
    Fountainhead College of Technology is dedicated to the goal of graduating well-trained, positively oriented and properly motivated graduates desired by industry.
  2. Team member recruitment
  3. Training activities
  4. Resource needs
  5. Community outreach and collaboration activities
  6. Team building and professional development activities

While addressing the above items is required in your presentation, any other goals you have should be discussed as well.

If you have any questions please let us know.  We look forward to hearing from you all very soon!

Casey C. Rackley
Vice President, Fountainhead College of Technology

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