High-performance Computing & Public Safety at InfraGard Meeting


What is the relationship between high-performance computing & public safety?

Tim Walsh, CEO at SimCenter Enterprises, will discuss the application of high performance computing and its relationship to public safety at the next InfraGard meeting on Wednesday, September 19th at 9:30 am in auditorium at the Fountainhead College of Technology. Mr. Walsh will also demonstrate a tool used to simulate a Radiation Dispersal Device (RDD) detonation in Los Angeles.

SimCenter Enterprises is a non-profit organization representing collaboration between the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), the SimCenter, and private enterprise. Their mission is to identify, develop, and promote practical and commercial applications of the technologies developed within the SimCenter and facilitate the advancement of business by harnessing applicable capabilities and technologies.

SimCenterModeling and simulation using high performance computing is a critical component at the core of manufacturing in the 21st Century. Advancements in computing power and efficient computational methodology now allow both small and large businesses to solve challenges and problems that were previously beyond reach.

Disaster preparedness and recovery is another area expected to blossom with life saving implications. Advising residents where to seek safety in the event of chemical spills or other possible disasters is a real possibility with smartphone alerts from the plume analysis taking into account the wind conditions and specifics of the hazard.

The SimCenter: National Center for Computational Engineering is a state-of-the-art facility located at UTC dedicated to solving complex problems using computational methodologies. A research project for the SimCenter that was commissioned by the Department of Defense after 9/11 was recently declassified. The Department of Defense used the SimCenter to simulate catastrophic events. More importantly though, the SimCenter research was vital in finding ways to quickly contain a public catastrophe, limiting casualties and losses and protecting first responders as best they could.

Mr. Walsh brings over 40 years of successful experience in business development, innovative ideas in applying technology to business problems and capital formation, it was stated. He has served as a senior executive of two leading Fortune 500 companies, Digital Equipment Corporation and PictureTel, Corporation. Most recently, he was chairman, president and CEO of epipeline, inc., a leading online source for federal contracting opportunity research and business intelligence.

Fountainhead College of Technology normally hosts the Knoxville Infragard meetings the 2nd Thursdays of each odd month.

The mission of the Infragard East Tennessee Members Alliance is to educate and inform our region's businesses, organizations, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, as well as private citizens on issues surrounding cybercrime and security.

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