Gen Ed Students Learn Invaluable Lesson

Students discover hope amidst terror


A general education class at Fountainhead College traveled to King University’s Hardin Valley campus on March 31 to attend a talk given by Holocaust survivor Alfred Münzer.

Many students afterwards were struck by Münzer’s positive, even uplifting stories, in the face of horrible personal loss.

When he recounted his father who died shortly after the liberation of the camp where he was imprisoned, for example, Münzer spoke affectionately of the edelweiss flowers that now grow on his father’s grave.

“The sacrifices that were made just so he can be with us today,” said Fountainhead student Michael Hall, “speaks volumes for the power of the human spirit.”

As a young boy, Münzer was hidden away from much of the violence that was unleashed on the Jewish people during World War II. His family was split up and scattered and his two sisters were killed within days of being sent to Auschwitz.

After hearing Münzer’s stories unfold, Michael Hall remarked that “all of these things he painted in such a positive light. This is quite a feat as the things he spoke of were the most evil of all the things that man has ever done.”

Sandie Hancock is the lead teacher for the Psychology class that attended the lecture. This class is studying key concepts dealing with human behavior as it relates to the workplace.

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