Reinvent your Selfie


Fountainhead College has launched a new ad campaign that encourages people to “Reinvent your Selfie” with a degree from Fountainhead College of Technology. Most Fountainhead graduates have reinvented themselves by earning degrees and finding good jobs in their respective industries. This campaign begs the question: how are you going to reinvent yourself and your career?

You can see our ads on the school’s Facebook and YouTube sites. Show your support of Fountainhead by “liking” our campaign posts. Fountainhead has “Selfie” billboards up all over Knox and Blount Counties, and we are producing a handful of new TV commercials that begin to tell the stories of select graduates, and the successes they've found, in part, to the education they received at Fountainhead. 


The school is asking students and graduates to get involved too. Are you a member of the Fountainhead family? If so, please send us a photo/selfie showing how you have “Reinvented your Selfie” since you enrolled at or graduated from Fountainhead.

If you’ve scored a job, send us a photo of yourself in your new work environment. We want to see Before and After photos: before enrolling and after enrolling. Include a sentence or two telling us what you were doing before you enrolled and how your life is different after enrolling. 

Nedbal-Selfie-before-afterWe want to pay special tribute to our veterans by asking vets to send us a photo of yourself while in the military, and also a photo/selfie of yourself now. Email your selfie to AND/OR post your photos directly to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (use the hashtag #ReinventYourSelfie). We will print your photos and add them to a special "Selfie" bulletin board. 

What are you waiting for? Reinvent your Selfie!


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