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Open House: October 11


You are invited:

Fountainhead College of Technology will host an Open House for the general public on Thursday, October 11, from 12 - 6:30pm in the college auditorium.

Visitors are invited to bring their questions about Fountainhead's degree programs, including online programs, and the in-demand career fields associated with our programs. 


Military Friendly School for 2013

military-friendly-school-logoFountainhead Honored as a Military Friendly School for 2013

Fountainhead College of Technology has been honored as a Military Friendly School for 2013 and ranks among the top 15% of all colleges, universities and trade schools which excel at embracing America's veterans as students, as reported by G.I. Jobs which released its 2013 Military Friendly School List.

As a 2013 Military Friendly School, Fountainhead College satisfied G.I. Jobs' exhaustive criteria that included factors such as academic accreditation, the success of outreach to veterans, programs, and efforts to retain military and veteran students and additional benefits that reflect veteran programs, credit for service, military spouses and more.

As a Military Friendly School, Fountainhead College distinguishes itself from other regional institutions by their unprecedented level of commitment to providing veterans and military service men and women with a unique blend of quality education, training, job placement and dedicated veteran support throughout a student's enrollment.


High-performance Computing & Public Safety at InfraGard Meeting


What is the relationship between high-performance computing & public safety?

Tim Walsh, CEO at SimCenter Enterprises, will discuss the application of high performance computing and its relationship to public safety at the next InfraGard meeting on Wednesday, September 19th at 9:30 am in auditorium at the Fountainhead College of Technology. Mr. Walsh will also demonstrate a tool used to simulate a Radiation Dispersal Device (RDD) detonation in Los Angeles.

SimCenter Enterprises is a non-profit organization representing collaboration between the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), the SimCenter, and private enterprise. Their mission is to identify, develop, and promote practical and commercial applications of the technologies developed within the SimCenter and facilitate the advancement of business by harnessing applicable capabilities and technologies.

SimCenterModeling and simulation using high performance computing is a critical component at the core of manufacturing in the 21st Century. Advancements in computing power and efficient computational methodology now allow both small and large businesses to solve challenges and problems that were previously beyond reach.


Congratulations Summer 2012 Graduates

Congratulations, Summer 2012 Graduating Class!

Fountainhead College will recognize 34 graduating students at its summer graduation ceremony on Friday, August 17. The college will award 18 Associate's Degrees and 16 Bachelor's of Applied Science Degrees during the ceremony. Six students will receive their diplomas from one of the school's four online programs.

Bill-Landry-webBill Landry will present the graduation speech at the graduation ceremony. Mr. Landry is the voice, host/narrator, and co-producer of The Heartland Series, which is in its 27th year of running on WBIR-TV. See his full biography below.

Several graduating students will join the workforce immediately, having been hired by employers in the Knoxville area including Paxis Technologies, Verizon, SAIC, Tek Systems, Elavon, Image Matters and Eagle Distributers.

The graduating class comprises students from all program areas of the college, including Network Security & Forensics, Radiological Protection, Health Information Management, Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Wireless Communications, and Computer Programming, among others.


Security of medical devices

infragard_IMA_logo1-smLeading expert to discuss the security of medical devices 

Dr. Nathanael Paul will discuss the security of medical device system design at the next InfraGard meeting on July 12 at 9:30 am at Fountainhead College. Dr. Paul’s work examines the security of  applications in medical device systems and the Smart Grid.

In the early 1900s, patients began to use insulin injections to maintain their blood glucose levels. Today, modern implantable subcutaneously injected insulin pump infusion systems programmatically help patients control diabetes and its complications.


Tech Olympiad

Challenge Yourself!

Saturday, July 21, 12-4pm
(free & open to the public)


Technology, sports and summer games will join together on July 21st at Fountainhead College’s Tech Olympiad. Meet Olympian gymnast John Roethlisberger who will talk about competing in three Summer Olympic Games, and test your knowledge of the technologies that make the Summer Games a worldwide event.

Olympiad Trivia Challenges will give every visitor the opportunity to test their knowledge of the Olympics and the technologies that fuel the games. Every correct answer on the multiple-choice Trivia Challenges wins visitors free food tickets.


Library Blog Update

blog-megaphoneWhat's New with the Library Blog

Have you checked out Fountainhead's Library Blog lately? Here are some of the recent postings you may have missed.

Internet and Web Basics: Do you really know the difference between the Internet and the Web? Do you know what is meant by Deep or Invisible Web? Do you understand how search engines like Yahoo and Google work? A page organizing this information has been added to the Library Mastery Topics page on the Library website.

Radiation Safety Manual: A recently updated safety manual from Stanford University has been added to the RadPro Course Page of the Library website.

Other recent postings have included: the Best IT Certifications, 3-D Maps, and Sunscreens recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

Every month the LIbrary Blog posts interesting trivia, history, facts and traditions pertaining to that month. Carol Bell tries to find something to interest everyone. In some older postings, you will even find library humor.

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