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New IT Certifications

CompTIA-LogoNew Certifications Offered to IT Students

Fountainhead College of Technology is now providing industry certification vouchers to its Information Technology students* at no additional cost.

Beginning in January 2013 students in the Information Technology Associate’s Degree program can earn up to seven industry-recognized certifications as part of their coursework. Previously, students had to purchase each of the eight certifications exams, which cost nearly $800.


The following vouchers will be provided at no cost to IT students beginning in January 2013.


CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner

CompTIA-Logo_copyFountainhead is now a CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner. 

And we are also integrating the Microsoft Technology Associates Certification Program into our IT curriculums.

Fountainhead College is pleased to announce two substantive developments to our information technology programs.

Fountainhead College is now a CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner, which allows the school to offer students huge discounts on all certifications offered through CompTIA. Students and staff also have access to learning content to support their understanding of IT-related job roles. Successfully completed certifications allow students to show prospective employers not only a degree from an advanced technology college but industry-relevant certifications that validate that they have the skills and training to succeed in their jobs.

The CompTIA Academy Partner Program provides a pathway for students toward a rewarding, high-growth career in information technology.


Websites Seized in Cyber Monday

So You Think That You Got a Great Deal...


The following article offers a caution when purchasing those inticement deals that appear too good to be true. Always check out who you are purchasing from prior to proceeding with the commit button. Unfortunately, discounted products may look genuine as fraudulent companies manufacture stolen ideas that are forgeries. Who suffers besides the consumer ordering? We all do as a Nation as our intellectual property is targeted by those adversaries, who feel no compunction in violating intellectual property rights. Remember, durable goods are not the only items targeted, ineffective medicines can be also marketed as the genuine articles.


Government Hackers Train for Attacks

So You Say that You Want to Get in the CyberFIGHT...

washington_post_logoEveryone needs a place to get good at what they do. How will CyberWarriors get realistic training situations for potential conflicts? The answer is Cyber Ranges. These virualized environments allow the simulation of millions of users, along with the Critical Infrastructure of a city or country. By gaining knowledge of defending against simulated attacks, we can better understand how our defenses will fare. On the other hand, where is the fun in just being a defender of a target? Cyber Warriors will be play a critical role in future warfare and will need to have the understanding of their potential targets, if a conflict escalates. 

CyberCity allows government hackers to train for attacks

(by Robert O'Harrow, Jr. at The Washington Post on 11/26/2012)


University Teaches Cyber Espionage

Bond...Tech Bond. University of Tulsa Teaching Cyber Espionage...


Ahh... some Open Source information enters the picture regarding the mission of the Cyber Operations designated academic institutions. Originally, the Cyber Operations designation was slated to be placed under the Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. However, due to the funding source the US Congress decided that the designation required a degree of separation. Read on for a glimpse behind the curtain known as Cyber Operations.

University Of Tulsa Offers Course Training Students In Online Espionage

 (by James Gilbert of Elite Daily from the Huffington Post on 11/26/2012)


ET Students Tour WVLT


The Electronic Technology students took a field trip and toured the WVLT TV studios on November 14th. My class toured the electronics facilities, server room and even news room, and we got a glimpse of how technology has altered nearly every aspect of current television.

We all remember the fuss that was created when the government decided to make all television stations broadcast their content using digital communications. Before going digital, television stations broadcasted signals using AM and FM technologies: one signal to broadcast the picture (AM), the other to broadcast the sound (FM).


New Jobs for Graduates & Students


Graduates hired by local technology companies

Fountainhead College wishes to congratulate our students and graduates who have recently been hired by local technology companies. We wish you the very best as you begin your new careers!


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