Dan Thompson
Manager of Product Development: Claris Networks

danthompsonEnrolling and then graduating from Tennessee Institute of Electronics was definitely both a mile marker and a life changing event for me personally. I would recommend anyone attend this school who is interested in this profession.

Tammy Alexander

tammyalexanderI love it when a plan comes together. I was looking for a way to combine my associate's degree and the tons of experience I had working in the technology industry. I was also considering getting some technical certifications, but most importantly I wanted to earn my bachelor's degree in computer security. I couldn't believe the only bachelor's degree program in the Southeast (at the time) was in my backyard. The staff at Fountainhead helped me to develop a plan that allowed me to achieve all of my goals then the faculty taught me everything I needed to earn the degree AND the certifications. I took as many certification exams as I could stand. The coolest thing is... the curriculum is aligned with what is needed to protect national technology infrastructure, so graduates can now get 6 National Security Agency certifications without all the extra tests!

Tim Cantrell - (pictured right)
Computer Technician - Scripps Howard

timcantrell2Before I came to Fountainhead I had worked in many jobs in different fields, never finding my passion and always feeling like I was just treading water. I worked because that was what you were supposed to do, a task that was accepted because it was expected, and certainly not because I liked it. That all changed when I was injured on the job one day and had to miss 6 months of work. The lack of care or empathy from my former employer frustrated and depressed me. It was during this time when I saw my first Fountainhead College commercial. I liked what I saw and since I always kind of tinkered with computers I thought it might be a good way to go get my associates degree. The Information Technology degree seemed like a good fit for me and since it was in something I loved to do, I thought 'Why not?'.

From the second I walked through the door at Fountainhead, I was treated with respect and kindness. I was a little apprehensive about being 35 with a wife and small child, knowing that I was in for some long nights of studying and intensive hands on course work. I'm glad to say that though I had to study and work hard, the instructors and staff at Fountainhead all went the extra mile to make sure I was able to make it. Financial aid helped me get the loans and grants I needed, and when I came up on a subject that was the most challenging to me, programming, the head of the programming department actually met me before classes to help me get a head start by explaining some of the concepts in a way I could understand. Because of his help, and that of other teachers there, I was able to get an A in the course. That never would have happened without the staff being so invested in my education. I count most of the staff members there among my friends and have benefitted from their wisdom time and time again since I graduated.

The Fountainhead staff was really good at prepping us for job interviews, preparing resumes, and trying to teach us how to market ourselves. The day I graduated I went to my final interview at my dream job with Scripps Networks Interactive. I am a Unix Systems Administrator and absolutely love what I do. I no longer wonder where my life is going or what my next job will be. I now look forward to every day here and the challenges that they bring. I use the things I learned at Fountainhead every day. Fountainhead provided the real world education that was exactly what I needed.

Mark Caldwell
Installer - Molecular Imaging Solutions

markcaldwellWhen I started looking at the job market, I quickly realized that I would need more education to get a job in the field I was interested in. Fountainhead College of Technology provided me with the hands-on training needed to begin my technical career. It only took 16 months, and I was hired the day I graduated.

Christy Kohlmeyer - (Left)
Financial Aid Officer

christykohlmeyerI love the one-on-one attention the students receive at Fountainhead College of Technology. Not just in the classroom, but in all the school services. I take pride in getting to know the students by name, not just a familiar face.

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