Technological Infrastructure

classroomFountainhead College's computer labs use a combination of modern PC hardware and virtualization technologies to prepare students for their IT career path. Fountainhead utilizes redundant links to the internet including a new scalable Metropolitan Ethernet connection. Wireless internet access is accessible throughout the entire campus.

Classrooms and laboratories are furnished with student desks or workbenches, as well as marker boards and audio-visual training aids. The Electronics Lab contains electronic test equipment for training. Major items include: meters, signal generators, power supplies, signal analyzers, oscilloscopes and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The Medical Program Labs have wall charts and anatomy replicas.

Auditorium (Located at former Tazewell Pike campus)

Auditorium-webThe Fountainhead Auditorium is where the school hosts its graduation ceremonies. It seats 285 occupants and has a large, wooden stage with LED lighting, sound system and an acoustic shell. The room has a 200 amp electrical infrastructure to support multiple uses and secure wi-fi access.

Student Break Room

The Student Break Room is a comfortable place for students to collaborate on projects or just relax and enjoy refreshments before and after classes. There are seating areas for small groups, a large flat-screen TV, vending machines, a coffee maker, microwaves, and bottled water available.

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