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Library Hours: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm  -  on days when classes are in session.

Library Staff - hours and contacts

Library Location: Adjacent to student lounge.  Outside the library on the left is a book cart with free older books, for anyone to take home.

Online Library Catalog.  Find print books, journals, magazines, CDs, DVDs. Catalog Help. 

Borrowing and Returning Physical Items. All items should be checked out using the "Library Items Borrow/Return Log" on the New Book cart outside the library entrance. See Circulation Policies for more details.

Online Resources

Recommended sources for books, government sites, reference resources, databases, and more. Search databases for articles in scholarly journals, magazines, news, etc.  Library Media Feeds

Faculty and Staff Resources

Citation and Reference Resources.

Find dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more.

Library and Information Mastery Topics

How to effectively use the library and other information resources to find what you need. See especially the guide to "Using the Fountainhead Library."

The Library Collection

A student in Fountainhead’s College Library

The Library Resource Center's physical collection reflects the programs offered at Fountainhead College. These programs include: computer topics (network security, wireless communication, computer programming, Microsoft), electronics, medical information management and coding, and general education. Much, but not all, of our collection consists of technical works. Examples of information types include: lab, service, and solutions manuals; data books; catalogs; technical journals; and related trade and "popular" magazines. The College Library also has certification exam preparation resources. Circulation (Borrowing and Return) Policies.

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Updated: 2/13/2017

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