Unlimited Online Reading

Kindle Unlimited Is for You and Me.


And your librarian is just a little bit excited about it.


Amazon has a new program called Kindle Unlimited. It permits anyone with any device--mobile, PC, anything, to read any of well over a million Kindle e-books for $10 per month. Plus there is a free 30-day trial period. The fee is charged to whatever bank card you have set up in your Amazon account.


No need to buy a Kindle Reader. No need to even have a smart phone. All you need is a PC and an internet connection.


Amazon is amazing!


Because it is a Kindle product, you can save your eyes by dimming the screen.


Aside from your personal reading interests, how can you use this for college?


If you are a student, you can find supplementary reading: (a) to round out your research for papers and presentations, and (b) round out, without assignments, your knowledge in your technical specialties for your own benefit.


If you are faculty, you can recommend specific titles to your students. The librarian is interested in assisting with vetting recommendations, as needed.


The only drawback as of now is that the student must purchase the service for $10 per month, or limit her- or himself to 30-day trial period. For some, this amount may be a hindering factor.


The Fountainhead Library would like to work out some arrangement with Amazon such that we could sponsor Kindle Unlimited in isolation from our Amazon accounts (and bank cards). While it is currently unknown whether Amazon will help us in this way, we are exploring the possibility.


Kindle Unlimited Page: https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=ku_lp_rw_ku_lp_psu_rw?_encoding=UTF8&node=9578129011


Good reading to all!



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