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Poetry Contest Winners

Fountainhead Library Poetry Contest Winners 2012

First Place is awarded to Gaylynn Wolfe for her poem titled “All I Heard.” Second Place goes to Darrell Wyatt, a distance education student from Crossville, for his poem “The Pulse of Life.” And Third Place is awarded to Nicholas Stafford for his poem “Who Do You Think?”

Winning poems are provided in separate postings on this blog.

I would like to thank all the contestants for writing and contributing their poems, and thank the other judges, Mrs. Hancock and Mr. Nicholson who, along with myself, reached the difficult decisions for the winners. I would also like to thank Mrs. Rackley, Fountainhead Vice President, for supporting the costs of the contest, and Mrs. Hancock for helping prepare the prizes.

Carol Bell
Fountainhead Librarian




1st Place Poetry Winner

Gaylynn Wolfe


                     All I Heard

  And in the night a fire shall burn
  as cold winds fan the flames;
  and ghosts of love shall hover 'round
  as night birds cry in vain.

  The trail I walk has blackened leaves
  and dead and scowling trees;
  The springtime world we've built with love
  has gone away with thee.

  And in the night a fire shall burn
  as cold winds feed its flames;
  sad ghosts of love shall hover 'round
  as night birds cry in vain.

  The streets all seem to be untrod,
  though crowds still here abound;
  from walks we tracked them hand in hand
  dead echoes now resound.

  And in the night a fire still burns
  as cold winds fan the flames;
  the ghosts of love watch silent-sad
  as night birds cry your name.

  For gone is love, now gone my life
  and gone the happy world;
  and gone the warm and peaceful voice
  that once was all I heard.




2nd Place Poetry Winner

Darrell Wyatt


The Pulse of Life

The heart is as the pulse of life.
Quickening with the touch of hot breath on bare skin.
Stopping at the sight of true love.
Ever flowing up and down following the curves that whisper of life.
Racing fury of hearts love at first hearing the cry of beget child.
Beating strong and steady as child grows and lineage is continued.
Growing slower as tears streak face and eyes view loved one lowered.
Fearful of the end, but slow and steadily embraced within the reapers hands.




3rd Place Poetry Winner

Nicholas Stafford


Who Do You Think?

Who do you think I am?
Am I like I am Sam?
I am exactly what you say I am
I am nothing like what you say

The harder you try to hurt
The more you will pay
Karma comes around
And you will be burnt

I try to surround
Myself with positivity
But in this world
All to find is negativity

This world needs to be boiled
To sterilize the evil
The souls of the people are soiled
These people will begin the next upheaval

Another war
More death
Just another mess of gore
With all this meth

And all this hate
The world is due to die
On any date
People say we will fry

December twenty-first
But the truth is easy as pie
The world is beginning to burst
Everyday with the way we treat our world
We show no respect

We need someone with a prospect
I'm sure they are curled
Everyone says they're wrong
It seems their bones are bare
But deep inside they are strong



Political Cookies

Is political tracking of web use going too far?

See article in Technology Review (a publication of MIT):




Abbottabad & Stuxnet, Drones & Cables

Confront and Conceal and Tubes

Fountainhead Library has purchased two new, hot titles--hot in subject matter, and hot off the presses.

1. Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power.  By David Sanger, Senior Washington Correspondent for the New York Times. From the use of Drones in Pakistan, to the raid and killing of Osama bin Laden; to the use of "Olympic Games" viruses (now known as Stuxnet) to handicap the Iranian nuclear centrifuge program; to the current status of relations with China and North Korea, this is a page turner. It is very well written and full of revelations about how foreign policy decisions have been reached by the current administration and how they are linked to previous administrations.

Fountainhead Library has purchased one copy of this title, and it is already checked out. PUT YOUR NAME ON THE CONFRONT AND CONCEAL WAITING LIST by clicking on this email link: carol.bell@fountainheadcollege.edu.

2. Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet. By Andrew Blum. This light, fun read is a journalist's account of the trips around the world he made to discover exactly what the internet relies on --its physical infrastructure. We love to talk about cloud architecture, virtual this, and wireless that--all that magic. But the magic really isn't magic, it runs on tubes, just as the ridiculed Alaskan Senator once said. Those tubes are fiber-optics cables that cross the seas. Find out where the cables are buried and where the main switches are housed. Find out who the players are (and were from the beginning) who own and control these things.

Fountainhead Library has purchased two copies of this title, and one of them is already checked out. The second copy is, as of this writing, sitting on the New Books cart in the breakroom. BE THE FIRST TO CHECK IT OUT. JUST SIGN IT OUT ON THE SHEET LOCATED JUST INSIDE THE LIBRARY DOOR

OR, if you aren't the first, PUT YOUR NAME ON THE TUBES WAITING LIST by clicking on this email link: carol.bell@fountainheadcollege.edu.








Internet & Web Basics

Search Engines, Deep/Invisible Web, Differences between Internet and Web

Do you really know what these things are and the differences between them? A new page has been added to the Fountainhead Library website that organizes basic information on these topics for your ready availability. It is located via the Libary Mastery Topics page. And the direct link is: http://fountainheadcollege.edu/resources/library/library-mastery/718-internet-deep-web-search-engines.


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