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Library Humor, March 2012


For your enjoyment, an animated Xtranormal video:  “The Librarian”. Summary: it’s what happens when a pompous, robotic librarian encounters the dumbest possible library patron.



Poetry Judging 2012

Status of Student Poetry Contest

Submission of poems closed on May 14. The contest is now in the judging phase. Stay tuned for further developments.



CyberSec & Electronics, May 2012

CyberSecurity & Electronics Resources New on Library Website

The Library website has added some interesting items.

For the library, go to fountainheadcollege.edu , click Resources, click Library, click Course Resources

1) For the Cybersecurity resources, check out Mandiant / M-unition. I think you are going to like these.

Find this under: Course Resources/CyberSecurity. Link or scroll down the latter page to Web Resources, Articles. Look for:

Mandiant   Mandiant in the News   M-unition Blog  A company which presents news and blog articles with archives.

2) For the Electronics resources, check out two journals/magazines recommended by recent PAC meeting attendees.

Find this under: Course Resources/Computer and Electronics Resources. Link or scroll down the page to Journals Online. Look for:

EC&M: Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine  Source for electrical professionals.   
EDN: Electronics Design, Strategy, News  Source for original equipment manufacturers' news.

Happy explorations!



Tech & Easter Eggs, 2012

EASTER EGGS, 2012           


April Tech Fun “Eggs”
Explore the topic of virtual and computer Easter eggs at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_(media)

Actual Easter eggs. Here are some links to FABULOUS exemplars:




Eggstra special deserts:




Poetry Contest, 2012


 April is National Poetry Month.  In honor of that, Fountainhead Library is sponsoring a poetry contest.

There will be PRIZES for the three poems judged best.  Contest guidelines will be sent out very soon.

The deadline for submissions will be after the end of spring semester, so that the contest will not compete with your end-of-term assignments. Graduating students may also participate.


Excursion, April 2012

Excursion, April 2012

Internet History: Internet Cafe Show:  “Hackers(episode, video)  Average viewer rating:  4 Star.

“This is the very first episode of the Net Cafe series. It was shot on location at a cybercafe in San Francisco called CoffeeNet. It looks at the hacker culture and their influence on the early growth of the internet. Guests include Dan Farmer, author of SATAN and COPS; Eliaz Levi (aka Aleph 1), webmaster of underground.org and Bugtraq; also "Omega" and "White Knight" from Cult of the Dead Cow. Originally broadcast in 1996.”




Smart-Quest, April 2012

SMART-QUEST, April 2012

Q. Search Logic. When searching for articles in a database such as those in the Tennessee Electronic Library, what is the interpretation of the following search?

                          (digital OR electronic) AND communication*

(1) The words OR and AND are called Boolean operators. If you are not electronics oriented, think of them as being like action verbs. They are instructions to the software, not the ordinary English words.

“OR” means “I want results having either the word placed before the OR or the word after the OR, or both.” (In actuality, case does not matter. Capitalization is used here for emphasis and distinction.)

“AND” means “I will only accept results when both the word placed before the AND and the world placed after the AND are present.”

(2) The parentheses () are grouping or nesting operators. They instruct the software to think of whatever in enclosed inside them as one unit.

In this case you are looking for data that includes the word “communication” and either or both of the two words “digital” and “electronic”.

However, a bit more is being asked for. Notice the asterisk (*) at the end of “communication.” The asterisk is also an operator, an instruction to the software. It means “I want to find the word “communication” plus any and all other words that begin with that word (character string). What this provides is a shorthand way of calling forth from the database both singular and plural, past and present, and any other ending that a word might have.

In this case, you could theoretically receive back items containing at least these three words: communication, communications, communicational. And, of course, this would only happen if one or both of the other two words, ”digital” and “electronic” was present—as explained above.

To further explore the use of the asterisk (*), consider the word “intern.” “intern*” might return: interns, interned, internal, internally, interning, internship, etc.

Using asterisk s after very short words or word portions is NOT recommended. Consider “car.” An asterisk after “car” might return not only cars, but also: carpenter, caress, Carlisle, cart, care,  carapace, carry, carrousel, and thousands more, with highly diverse meanings. Clearly, this would not be a useful thing to do.

If you have a question you would like to submit to the librarian, write it to library.fct@fountainheadcollege.edu.


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