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Circulation (Borrowing and Return) Policies
Information Quality: Evaluation
Understanding the Internet, WWW, Deep Web, & Search Engines
Finding Items in the Library 
Library Catalog, Catalog Help 
TEL Tutor
   (Training on the Tennessee Electronic Library)
Understanding the Research Process 
Other Libraries 

Finding Items in the Library

Dewey Decimal Classification    
How to read Dewey Call Numbers and use them to find books on the library shelves.

How to Find [Printed] Books and Journals, and Media Items in the Physical Library 

Information Quality: Evaluation  

How can you trust the information you find to be accurate, unbiased, written by a knowledgeable person, etc.? What are the criteria for accepting and using found information?

Understanding the Internet, World Wide Web, Deep/Invisible Web, and Search Engines 
Understanding the Research Process

Information Research Cycle (Basic Steps when Preparing a Paper or Presentation)
What is the process? What is your assignment, actually? What kind of information materials do you need? Where and how do you find them? Evaluation: Is what you found acceptable? What are the ethics and legalities of use?


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Updated: 11/14/2012

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