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Please remember that not all useful information resources are available electronically.

Articles from Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Etc.

  • Tennessee Electronic Library via GALE (TEL). Preferred access. A PASSWORD IS REQUIRED: Ask your instructor or the librarian. TEL Tutor (Help).Provides more than 60 databases. Each database contains materials from hundreds or thousands of publications. For guidance on which databases will be of the most use to you, please see the Course Resources Page for your program or course. USAGE HINT. On the first page, toggle off (uncheck) the pre-selected databases and choose the one(s) that interest you.

  • TEL Alternative Access. THIS PATH VALIDATES YOUR LOCATION. Adds the following resources: WorldBook Encyclopedia; from ProQuest, HeritageQuest andThe Tennesseean; and several databases containing Tennessee primary sources, archives, and ancestry. It also provides a direct link intoThe Knoxville News Sentinel. USAGE HINT. Skip the search box on the first page. Instead, choose one of the links: Subject, All TEL Databases, or Advanced Search.

  • ARXIV (ar-kive) Open access to more than 700,000 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics.

  • ERIC is a database of most use to professionals and students in the field of education. It is provided by the U.S. Department of Education, and its contents are vast.

  • Google Scholar is a service of Google, Inc. It indexes scholarly articles from many journals. Caveat: Not all articles (the actual text) are free to Fountainhead personnel. Fountainhead does not expect students to purchase materials for assignments.

  • JSTOR (jay-store) has made available, free of charge, all materials published before 1923 (public domain). Please see a few important JSTOR search tips.
Books and Media

Finding books and other items consists of two steps: (a) discovering their existence in a catalog or index and (b) finding the actual item or content.

  • The Fountainhead Library Catalog tells what we own in print or on media. Locate the call number in the catlog, then locate the call number (address) on the shelf. Catalog Help.

  • WorldCat. OCLC, its owner, is the largest indexer/cataloger of English-language information materials in the world. Personal access to WorldCat is available to all by establishing a free account. It is possible to determine whether a title is available at nearby libraries (if they participate). Note: This is not an ebook database; contents of books are not available online.

  • Book Sellers. Use of vendor websites is a way of locating the existence/availability of book and media resources whether searching by title, author/artist, or subject matter, as well of as of purchasing them. The largest ones are Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Fountainhead is not endorsing these vendors or suggesting that you necessarily purchase items.


Project Gutenberg Classics, books and other forms of information in the public domain (free of copyright; pre-1923, later if published by the U.S. Government). No contemporary technical content.



Internet Movie Database IMDb.


Broadcast Media and Newspapers

Reference Information

"Reference information" includes such familiar things as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauruses. It also includes: almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, concordances, handbooks, manuals, quotation collections, travel guides, who's whos, yearbooks, and numerous other sources of quick facts and basic information.

Federal Government Publications and Sites

The central link to the U.S. Government is A-Z list of agencies and departments.

The government publishes vast amounts of information in a variety of formats and types. Some frequently used online resources are:

Also see the Library's Resource Guide for your Program or Course. Many of these contain specialized government links.


Tennessee Government Sites

The central link to state government is:

Video Resources

Video resources can be found (or soon will be) on many pages in this site, particulary the Course Resources pages. This space is reserved for access to the front pages of major resources.

TED Talks: Homepage Topics Directory

Using Other Libraries

Tennessee's Board of Regents community colleges (e.g., Pellissippi State and Roane State in this area) offer free library cards to area residents aged 18 and older. (One must go in person with identification and proof of address.) These libraries also permit free access to article databases from a computer inside the library, with a temporary password.

The University of Tennessee Libraries offers guest "subscription" library cards for $100 per year. UT's Preston Medical Library offers a generous variety of services for a subscription fee of $100 per year.

Maryville College is a private institution; however, it also offers certain guest services. Guest library cards cost $50 per year.

Check library websites for open hours, additional guest/visitor privileges, etc. and to search for book availability via their online catalog.

Academic Libraries:Maryville College Library | UT Libraries | Pellissippi State Technical C.C. Libraries (Visitor Services) | Roane State C.C. Libraries
Medical Libraries:
Preston (UT) Medical Library (Subscriber Services) |; National Library of Medicine
Public Libraries*:
Blount County LibraryDatabases | Knox County LibrariesDatabases:ReferenceBusiness | Oak Ridge Library | Internet Public Library *Local public libraries require a library card for use of most physical and electronic items.
State Library:
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Special Libraries:
ORNL Library (requires password)
National Libraries:
Library of Congress | National Archives | National Library of Medicine

Suggestions for the content of this page are welcome.

Updated: 12/07/2015


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