English Composition and Public Speaking Resource Guide

Fountainhead Library Catalog of Print and Media Resources
  • Project Gutenberg  Classics, books and other forms of information in the public domain (free of copyright; pre-1923, later if published by the U.S. Government). No contemporary technical content.
  • JSTOR (jay-store) has made available, free of charge, all materials published before 1923. The URL is: www.jstor.org. Please see bottom of this page for a few important JSTOR search tips.

  • Tennessee Electronic Library via GALE (TEL). Preferred access. A PASSWORD IS REQUIRED: Ask your instructor or the librarian. TEL Tutor (Help).  Provides more than 60 databases. Each database contains materials from hundreds or thousands of publications. For guidance on which databases will be of the most use to you, please see the Course Resources Page for your program or course. USAGE HINT. On the first page, toggle off the pre-selected databases and choose the one(s) that interest you.

  • TEL Alternative Access. THIS PATH VALIDATES YOUR LOCATION. Adds the following resources: WorldBook Encyclopedia; from ProQuest, HeritageQuest andThe Tennesseean; and several databases containing Tennessee primary sources, archives, and ancestry. It also provides a direct link intoThe Knoxville News Sentinel. USAGE HINT. Skip the search box on the first page. Instead, choose one of the links: Subject, All TEL Databases, or Advanced Search.

         Multi-Subject Databases Recommended
  • Academic OneFile
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • General OneFile

Subject-Oriented Databases Recommended

If writing or speaking on another topic, for example: science, be sure to look at the Resource Guide for that topic and/or for databases in TEL dedicated to it.

  • Books and Authors (fiction only)
  • Communications & Mass Media Collection (See note below.) **
  • Diversity Studies Collection
  • Literature Resource Center
  • Literature Resources from Gale
  • Pop Culture Collection
  • Psychology Collection
  • Scribner Writers Online
  • Twaynes Authors Online

Reference Databases Recommended

Most multi-subject databases also include reference materials.

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • General Reference Center Gold

News Databases Recommended

(For a fuller discussion of how to find newspapers etc.,
see News_Access.)

  • Info-Track Newsstand
  • National Newspaper Index


** NOTE: Communications and Mass Media (CMMC) must be accessed via the public TEL; it is not in Fountainhead Library's Gale-provided set. URL: www.tntel.tnsos.org. Via Fountainhead, use the Fourntainhead password. Inside, click: "All TEL Databases"; select CMMC. Otherwise, you must have a card from a public or other college library and use their password/PIN.



Gabriel, Trip. "'Generation plagiarism'? Copying and pasting from the Web is just like copying from a book. But too many students either don't know that it's cheating--or don't care." New York TimesUpfront 25 Oct. 2010: 6+. Educators 200. Web. 24Aug. 2011. Document URL: http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CA241412535&v=2.1&u=tel_a_fountainhe&it=r&p=GPS&sw=w&asid=fd5c5f9e4eb8f56b4a994e34af5b69e9. Use TEL password (see above). *

Silvester, Niko. "Before you turn it in: how to avoid plagiarism." Writing! Nov.-Dec. 2004: 22+.Educators Reference Complete. Web. 24 Aug. 2011. Document URL: http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?&id=GALE%7CA127713583&v=2.1&u=tel_a_fountainhe&it=r&p=PROF&sw=w   Use TEL password (see above). *

* If the above links do not work for you, log in to TEL (via Gale) and double click on the General OneFile database name-link. On the first screen, type the first several words of the article title inside double quotes; press Enter.

Writing Skills

Academic Sites

OWL (The Purdue [University] Online Writing Lab) 


Dan. "Essay Writing Made Easy." A brief video on YouTube demonstrating a way of getting started with a topical essay.

Langdon, Michael. "How to Write a Process Paragraph." YouTube. 24 Aug. 2011. "Process" means "how to do something."

Public Speaking

Web Resources

"Free stuff" from Presentation Trainers.com

Controversial/Debatable Topics  

20 Speech Ideas --Topics only
IDEA-International Debate Eduation Association  -- a searchable database with 16 thematic areas; topics with short discussions of pros and cons
A List of 50+ Topics 
Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues - 42 issues, with arguments 
Speaker's Corner Trust
  --9 issues, with arugments

Open CourseWare (OCW)

Open CourseWare Consortium Home Page. OCW Consortium offers a single-site access window into courseware uploaded from very many institutions of higher education, including some very high-quality ones, such as Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Univeristy of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, and University of California-Irvine and -Berkeley.

OCW COURSES. The site can be searched by any word or phrase; and additional paths of discovery are available. Try these search terms: English grammar, English writing, presentation skills, rhetoric, social issues, technical writing.


JSTOR Search Tips

  1. To prevent frustration and wasted time, always check the box labeled: "Include only content I can access."

  2. JSTOR does not have a true keyword search. The default is "Full-text," meaning it searches the entire document. If the number of results from a full-text search is too large (more than 35-50), the results will also be insufficiently focused. Consider searching the Abstract (summary) field to obtain greater focus on relevancy.

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