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Fountainhead Library Catalog of Print and Media Resources. Catalog Help.


  • Tennessee Electronic Library via GALE (TEL). Preferred access. A PASSWORD IS REQUIRED: Ask your instructor or the librarian. TEL Tutor (Help).  Provides more than 60 databases. Each database contains materials from hundreds or thousands of publications. For guidance on which databases will be of the most use to you, please see the Course Resources Page for your program or course. USAGE HINT. On the first page, toggle off the pre-selected databases and choose the one(s) that interest you.
  • TEL Alternative Access. THIS PATH VALIDATES YOUR LOCATION. Adds the following resources: WorldBook Encyclopedia; from ProQuest, HeritageQuest andThe Tennesseean; and several databases containing Tennessee primary sources, archives, and ancestry. It also provides a direct link intoThe Knoxville News Sentinel. USAGE HINT. Skip the search box on the first page. Instead, choose one of the links: Subject, All TEL Databases, or Advanced Search.

    Multi-Subject Databases Recommended
    • Academic OneFile
    • Expanded Academic ASAP
    • General OneFile 
    Subject-Dedicated Databases Recommended
    • Computer Database
    • General Business File ASAP
    • General Business File International
    • General Science Collection
    • Military and Intelligence Collection
    • Small Business Collection
    • Vocation, Careers, and Technical Information Collection
    Reference Databases Recommended
    • Most multi-subject databases also include reference materials.
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • General Reference Center Gold
    News Databases Recommended 
        (For a fuller discussion of how to find newspapers etc.,
         see News Access.)
    • InfoTrac Newsstand
    • National Newspaper Index

Consumer Psychology

Marketing: Consumer Behavior. Harvard Business School. 50+ articles from a marketing perspective.

Encyclopedia Article:  Consumer Behavior 

Scholarly Articles:  (Use the TEL password given above.)

Citation: Ahmad, Jasmine N., Jessica M. Choplin, and Debra Pogrund Stark. "A psychological investigation of consumer vulnerability to fraud: legal and policy implications." Law and Psychology Review Annual 2011: 61+. General OneFile. Web. 16 Nov. 2011. 

Citation: Heller, Rick. "Slowing down the consumer treadmill." The Humanist July-Aug. 2011: 30+. General OneFile. Web. 16 Nov. 2011. 

Magazine Articles:

Citation: Winnett, Caroline. "Gender and Marketing: The Female Brain." Progressive Grocer 5 Mar. 2009. General OneFile. Web. 16 Nov. 2011. 

Citation: "Swarming the shelves; Psychology." The Economist [US] 11 Nov. 2006: 90US. General OneFile. Web. 16 Nov. 2011.

Managing Money

Practical Advice from the Web:

Government Site:

Mortgages and Loans


Google Advisor/Calculator, by State 

Encyclopedia Articles:

Mortgage Loan 
Private (Lender) Mortgage Insurance 

Purchasing Vehicles


Encyclopedia Articles:

Articles from Journals, Magazines, Etc.

The subject of Economics is vast. For this reason, coverage here primarily consists of a help guide for locating articles in the databases of the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL; see above for link and database recomendations):

  1. Enter the term "economics" or "econom*" ("econom" followed by asterisk, to obtain results containing all the possible words: economic, economical, economics, economy, etc.);
  2. Type or click on the operator/function "AND"--depending on the facility you have available;
  3. Choose an additional term to narrow your topic to your interest (see examples below);
  4. Repeat 3 and 4 to further narrow down, as needed or desired; and
  5. Limit to a reasonable time period, such as recent few years or months.

    Examples of additional terms: "United States", inflation, finance, healthcare, bank*, telecommunications, "information technology", etc.

    Two formed search statement examples: econom* AND eurozone  ;  economics AND green* AND business


Codes, Bills and Acts, Rules and Regulations

United States. Code of Federal Regulations.  Bills and Acts of Congress in Thomas.   Encyclopedia Article: Code of Federal Regulations 

Tennessee. Tennessee Code.  Legislative Bill Search.  Rules and Regulations, including recent ones.

Federal Consumer Protection

Federal Trade Commission / Bureau of Consumer Protection 

Encyclopedia Articles: 



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