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Student Services Department

Fountainhead’s Student Services Department exists to help students learn about services that support their academic and personal progress while attending school.

Advising & Counseling

Instructors and staff of the college can provide academic and personal advising. Professional counseling by clergy, psychologists, the Veteran's Administration and the Department of Human Services can be arranged at the student's expense. Agency-sponsored students are responsible for meeting with their counselors to discuss progress and submit grades, if required.

Disability Services

The college strives to meet the needs of all students. Easy access and special amenities are available. Prospective students who have special needs are encouraged to contact the college prior to visiting, to ensure our facilities meet their requirements. Students with permanent or temporary handicaps may request, in writing, permission to park in reserved or handicap parking.


The college does not provide dormitory facilities or housing but will assist the student in locating housing by providing a list of area apartments. The student is responsible for determining suitable housing. Materials may be requested from the Admissions Office.

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