3 Semester Credit Hours

This course provides a thorough introduction to Internet scripting from both the client side and server side.  Core concepts such as data storage, control structures and data modules are addressed, as are Active Server Pages. Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition, a subset of the Microsoft Visual basic programming language, is a fast, portable, lightweight interpreter for use in World Wide Web browsers and other applications that use Microsoft Active X controls, Automation servers and Java Applets. Current Microsoft Jscript, a powerful scripting language targeted to the Internet, is the first scripting language to fully conform to ECMAScript, the Web’s only standard for scripting languages. Labs consist of assigned practice, projects and/or case studies relating to topics covered. Course contains 2 semester credit hours (30 clock hours) of lecture and 1 semester credit hour (30 clock hours) of laboratory work. Prerequisite: CP303

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