EWC403 RFID Technologies

3 Semester Credit Hours

The landscape of business is rapidly changing due to the utilization of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.  An RFID tag, a small microchip attached to an antenna, can transmit data to a reader, which is converted to digital information that can be utilized by computers.  The benefits of this to business are the increased efficiency with which data flows and the reduction in data entry, allowing employees to focus on other aspects of business such as customer service.  Primers, System Lifecycle, Frequency Ranges, Antennas, Tags, Interrogators and Regulatory Standards are among major course topics.  Labs consist of assigned practice, projects and/or case studies relating to topics covered.  Course contains 2 semester credit hours (30 clock hours) of lecture and 1 semester credit hour (30 clock hours) of laboratory work. Prerequisites: CS302, CF302

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