EWC408 Telephony and VoIP

3 Semester Credit Hours

The future of Telephony is rapidly changing.  IT Administrators and developers are actively planning and implementing VoIP-based private telephone switching systems within the enterprise.  Availability of open-source software allows these systems to be built inexpensively, efficiently, with programmability and also with interoperable with nearly any standards-based telephony equipment.   Students are introduced to voice and data communications, sending voice over data, operation of a telephone set, networks, processing of calls in private and public telephone systems. POTS, PBX, PRI, Carrier technologies, SIP, H.323 are also presented.  Labs consist of assigned practice, projects and/or case studies relating to topics covered. Course contains 2 semester credit hours (30 clock hours) of lecture and 1 semester credit hour (30 clock hours) of laboratory work. Prerequisites: BC204, BE203

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