NSF403 Security Models and Architecture

3 Semester Credit Hours

Concepts relating to the design, testing and implementation of a computer system and network infrastructure are presented. Students learn different methods of securing the flow of data on the computer systems deployed on Automated Information Systems (AIS), as well as the best practices to employ when developing computer systems and designing network architecture. Students follow NIST Risk Management Framework and NIACAP methodology to initiate a system security plan including implementing NIST Best practices and Engineering principles to reduce residual risk to an acceptable level for the certification and accreditation of an automated information system. Labs consist of assessment of a computer system and the selection, recommendation, and implementation of proper security controls resulting in the certification and accreditation of an AIS. Course contains 2 semester credit hours (30 clock hours) of lecture and 1 semester credit hour (30 clock hours) of laboratory work. Prerequisites: BC204, BC205, BC206

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