Graduating_Class_April_2011-lightFountainhead College of Technology has graduated nearly 5,000 alumni spanning an increasingly distinguished 66 years of service to East Tennessee. We are proud of our graduates and encourage them to stay connected to our school so that we can let them know about professional opportunities that arise from employers looking for various skillsets and backgrounds.

Why stay connected?

Job News, Networking and Distinction

Now that you are a graduate of Fountainhead College of Technology, you can look forward to the pride that your degree confers to you, and the fact that the School’s administration and faculty are continuing to work to increase the visibility and the distinction of the School.

Career Services for Life

Remember, Fountainhead offers Career Services for life and we hope that you will stay in touch and let us know how we can continue to serve you throughout your career.


Incoming students love to read stories from past students to learn what they are doing now and to see how Fountainhead helped them achieve their goals. We invite you to write a short testimonial and tell your story. Check out testimonials from past students. Sharing your story is a great way for you to network, build your career and be seen by future technology leaders! Click here to share Your story.

How to stay connected?

Fill out the form below to let us know where you have found work and what is new and interesting in your life and in your career. We will feature ongoing success stories of our grads, so leverage your successes, be recognized by the Fountainhead community and keep your classmates up-to-date.

Graduate News Form: Share your news with us!

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