Ken Nedbal: Wireless Warrior


In 2001, Ken Nedbal was introduced to wireless technologies when the US Army trained him to be a Satellite Systems Operator. The timing couldn’t have been better. New game-changing wireless standards were just being adopted, and he developed skills in a field that ultimately changed how Americans communicate and interact with mobile technologies. The wireless communications industry was poised to grow incredibly over the next decade.


Once he returned to civilian life, however, he discovered that the specialized skills “didn’t translate” into careers that civilian employers were looking to fill. Ken realized that he needed to fill in some gaps and to solidify his knowledge in wireless technologies, so Ken chose to enroll at Fountainhead because of the school’s expertise in the field. Other colleges just didn’t offer the direct training he needed to fulfill his dreams of launching a wireless communications business.

After earning an Associate’s degree in Electronics Technology and enrolling in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronic Wireless Communication program, Ken started HD Solutions and Consulting, Inc.

Having the business while being in a school where the classes are small and the instructors are supportive turned out to be a good thing. As Ken notes, “I was able to bring my client’s technical problems into the classroom where my classmates and I tested various project designs, networking infrastructure and security solutions. And other students brought in issues they were having in their jobs. We all benefited from this collaboration.”

In the spring of 2013, Nedbal received double bachelor degrees in both Electronic Wireless Communication and Network Security & Forensics, both of which have served him well in his career.

ken-nedbal-army-picKen’s business has just passed the four-year mark, and his skills continue to keep pace in an industry constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. His business provides commercial wireless amenities to marinas and hotels by installing and distributing DirecTV, WiFi, security cameras, and other wireless-based telecom systems. Ken’s work ranges from setting up video feeds at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, to designing wireless internet and video systems that he can control remotely from the cloud for the Oliver Hotel and The Holston lofts in downtown Knoxville, to designing and building a system that monitors 148 channels 24/7 and automatically tallies and pays out residuals to artists throughout the world for BMI music company.

In addition to managing a growing business, Ken Nedbal is now Department Head for the Electronic Technology, Electronic Wireless Communications, and Network Security & Forensics departments at Fountainhead. According to Ken, attending Fountainhead “helped me reinvent myself and gave me confidence to enter the industry as a professional.”

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