T.J. Blakely: In-Store Technician

I was honorably discharged from the Army in 2004. I was a BIDS specialist (biological integrated detection systems). After leaving the army, I found some good jobs. The problem was that I couldn’t find any jobs that could withstand a bad economy. I built boats, I built houses and I worked in the steel industry. All of these were great jobs. The problem was that they dried up when the economy did. Having a child with epilepsy and who required regular hospital visits and expensive medication, I had to find a career that would enable to me care for a child with needs not only during good economic times but in bad economic times as well.

In 2010, a childhood friend of mine graduated from Fountainhead College. He spoke highly of the school, and I could see how the school had positively affected his life. I visited the school in 2010, and I was immediately impressed with the instructors. All of the instructors had extensive experience in the field in addition to their college degrees and industry certifications. I felt that if I wanted to be the best in my field, then I needed to be taught by the best, and I felt that I had just found the best to teach me.

I enrolled at Fountainhead College to earn my Associates degree in Information Technology. I earned that degree in 2011. After being awarded the Veterans Scholarship and the Presidential Honors Scholarship, it was an easy choice to stay and earn my Bachelors of Science in Network Security and Forensics.

Before heading into my last semester of college, I sent my resume to K-VA-T food stores. Not long afterwards, I was contacted by K-VA-T. I was offered an In-Store Service Technician position. I currently have 39 stores that I service

My job has allowed me to do a lot for my family that I wasn't able to do before. One of the best things is being able to provide excellent medical coverage for my son. He is now able to have the best neurologist and medical care available in Tennessee. I also am able to provide strong education opportunities for him. My son loves learning about animals and science in general. We have been able to take him to different events that focus on teaching young children who have an interest in animals. And we've been able to travel which has been an educational experience for him as well.

I’ve also succeeded in finding a job that can withstand economic downturns. Most businesses deal with customer information and these businesses have had to make information security a priority. The need for Information technology and network security will always exist regardless of economic conditions.

Thanks in part to Fountainhead College, I finally have a career that can withstand economic ups and downs, and I have a career that I love.

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