Computer Programming & IT Faculty

Tim King

IT Department Head
Instructor: Information Technology 3

Tim-KingTim King 

With over 30 years of experience in the computer and electronics industry, Tim King brings much specific strength to his involvement with computers and technology. His career began in the third party maintenance field providing computer support and repair services to government agencies including, NASA, DOD, OSTI, Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Boeing, and TVA. Later his knowledge of computer and networking systems was applied to the engineering trades. Mr. King spent much time integrating computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing systems for customers such as, FMC, M&M Mars Candy, Mitsubishi, Yale Lock, and Heritage Log Homes. In 1989 Mr. King moved home to Gatlinburg, TN, and provided computer-based reservations systems and retail Point of Sale solutions to the hospitality industry. His involvement with hotel and motel automation led him to build Infofast in 1993 to provide direct mail marketing support for these same customers.


Patrick Allen

Assistant Director of Education
Department Head and Instructor of Network Security and Forensics
IACT Program Coordinator

PatrickAllenPatrick AllenFor over a decade, Patrick Allen has worked in high-tech positions around the world, building and troubleshooting computer networks, planning and building communications equipment and installing radio and high-speed data connections. For the military, he administered a switch network for several thousand customers within the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe compound, and he served as team leader for the army in Bavaria. He brings considerable experience to the classroom in computer installation, building, repairing, configuring and troubleshooting computers and networks.


Christopher Nicholson

Department Head & Instructor: Computer Programming, Application Development

Chris-Nicholson2Christopher NicholsonChris Nicholson worked at ClientLogic in Oak Ridge as a Technical Support Representative where he managed client database records using the Oracle DBMS and diagnosed and remedied problems in computer networking.


Ryan Rodio

Instructor: Computer Core 1

Ryan-Rodio-webRyan Rodio

With over a decade of experience in the computer industry, Ryan Rodio brings the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the IT industry to the classroom. He started his career doing web development and graphic design before moving into information technology and helping to establish a startup technology company in the Knoxville area. As the company grew Ryan took over the Chattanooga franchise and concentrated efforts to grow this business. He has also worked as a systems administrator at a Knoxville Pediatrics office.

Mr. Rodio is a lifelong learner and is continuously improving his own education so that he can keep his students up-to-date with the latest technologies.


Chris Schrimshaw

Instructor: Computer Core 2

Chris-SchrimshawChris Schrimshaw

Chris Schrimshaw served honorably in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years as the Systems Administrator for the Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools at Maxwell Air Force Base and administrated UNIX and Microsoft operating systems and applications. He was responsible for C2 network design, configuration, security, maintenance, training and operations.

He was also the chief liaison with software developer Lockheed Martin where he identified and corrected software application deficiencies of the Situation Awareness Assessment for servers. Mr. Schrimshaw brings strong hands-on technical experience into the classroom.


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