Electronics Faculty

Kenneth J. Nedbal

Ken-Nedbal Kenneth Nedbal

Department Head: Electronic Technology, Electronic Wireless Communications, Network Security & ForensicsInstuctor: Network Security & Forensics

Kenneth Nedbal began his career in technology at 17 when he enlisted in the Army as a 31S or Satellite Systems Operator. He excelled at this and was soon the senior operator of a land mobile satellite team and the hub for ARMY communications in Balad Iraq.

He used his military experience to gain employment at a regional commercial dealer for satellite based services and was quickly placed in a research and development position exploring opportunities and custom building client solutions.

After four years he started his own company, HD Solutions, and began investing in his education. Starting and running HD Solutions has given him an education in entrepreneurship, human relations, customer service, and vital business skills. He has designed projects for clients such as the University of Tennessee and Broadcast Music Inc.


Daryl Yearwood

Instructor: Electronics Technology

Daryl-YearwoodDaryl J. Yearwood

Mr. Yearwood graduated from Tennessee Institute of Electronics in 1979 and began his technical career as a Field Engineer for Systems Maintenance, Inc. in Knoxville.

Mr. Yearwood installed and maintained mini-computer systems, including Data General Micos, DEC PDP-11, Alpha-Micro S-100 Bus Systems, and assorted peripherals. Maintenance duties included IC and discrete component-level repair.
After SMI, Mr. Yearwood moved to Technology for Energy Corporation providing in-house and field maintenance of proprietary equipment. He developed and taught the maintenance course for the Mobile Radiation Monitoring System delivered to several nuclear power plants.

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