Electronics Faculty

Ken Dunn

Ken Dunn: Instructor of Electronics

Ken Dunn graduated from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He has also taken additional courses provided by the Georgia Institute of Technology, is well-versed in the Six Sigma Quality Methodologies, trained in EMI/RFI mitigation techniques for RF broadcast applications and board level electronics applications, and has been certified by the Satellite and Broadcast Communications Association.

Out of college, he worked two years at Robert Shaw Controls developing automotive and industrial electronics. He then worked for twenty-one years at Philips Electronics as a hardware designer before moving to the company’s Hospitality division, where he worked in product development. In 2010, he began work with P&S USA, Inc. in commercial television and television control systems development before joining the faculty at Fountainhead College of Technology.

Courses taught:


BE201 Fundamentals of DC Circuits

BE202 Fundamentals of AC Circuits

BE203 Solid State Devices & Circuits

CF201 Digital Math & Logic Circuits

CF304 Micro-controllers

COM401 Programming & Problem Solving

COM403 Project Management

CS302 Communications Systems & Circuits

IE302 Control Systems & PLCs

IE303 Control Systems & PLCs II


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