Project_Team-webSome 250 students form the heart and soul of Fountainhead College and bring a diversity of backgrounds, skills, and experiences to classrooms and campus culture. Several student organizations have formed to make the student experience at Fountainhead rewarding and exciting. Fountainhead’s Student Services Department exists to help students learn about services that support their academic and personal progress while attending school.

Student Clubs & Associations


CyberDefense Club

CyberDefenseGuyFountainhead's CyberDefense Club meets on Wednesdays to discuss and work on projects related to network security and virtual computing. Weekly projects and team building exercises help students develop problem-solving skills. This Club is a great resource for students interested in joining the school's CyberDefense Team.

CyberDefense TeamCybersecurity-Defense-Team-3-2011-small

The CyberDefense Team is a group of committed IT and NSF students who enjoy the thrill of protecting computer networks, mail and web servers, against malicious security attacks. The team develops specialized roles and strategies during their meetings and competes against collegiate IT teams from throughout the region in the Southeastern Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in Kennesaw Georgia, each spring. The Team is judged on their ability to detect and respond to outside, malicious threats to an existing commercial network and will score points by protecting mail and web servers, responding to business requests, and balancing security needs against business needs.

Club-Med-SymbolClub Med of FCT: The mission of this health information student organization is to connect students enrolled in a health information program - or interested in the medical career field - to create a dependable network of continuing education, support, tutoring, and growth.

Job Placement Form

Our school is required to report student employment - and so we ask our students to take a quick minute and update your employment info for our records. The data you provide is 100% protected and anonymous. 
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