Student Services Department

studentservicesFountainhead is here to serve our students

Fountainhead College’s Student Services Department exists to help students learn about services that support their academic and personal progress while attending school. We want your college experience here to count, and we know that your success in finding a good job depends on making multiple informed decisions while on this path.

If you want support with life skills, counseling, disability services, budgeting and financial planning, housing, childcare, transportation or information about student records, visit the online resources available to enrolled students (on Moodle) through the Student Services Department.

Download the Fountainhead Student Services Manual.

How to login?

  1. Login at
  2. Select the Category Student Services, then
  3. Select the Course for Student Services

For more information contact Fran Clemmons, Student Services Coordinator, at Fran.Clemmons (@) or 865-688-9422.

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Student Services Department is to make students aware of services which support satisfactory progress, attaining successful educational and employment outcomes and rendering informed decisions regarding employment and training.

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