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Associate of Occupational Science in Information Technology
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Information TechnologyView the IT Blog testimonialsWhat is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) is the science of acquiring, storing, distributing, transferring and securing information. IT professionals work in a variety of related fields, including database management, computer programming, network security, web design and many others. This means using computers and computer networks to make information available at a moment’s notice to fellow users, company personnel, or a national or even worldwide network.

Why pursue a career in Information Technology?

Computer networks are a basic but critical component of businesses. Each business network is built using multiple computers containing documents, applications, images, system tools, etc. Companies use network systems technicians to upgrade computer systems and develop wide area and local area network capabilities in order to keep vital company information accessible. Network administrators also keep their networks secure from a growing industry of hackers whose business it is to gather business intelligence by infiltrating a company’s data.

Certifications built into IT Program: Students in the Information Technology Associate’s program can earn up to eight industry-recognized certifications as part of their coursework.

Demand for IT Professionals

Demand for IT professionals is growing rapidly and employers are expected to hire 148,000 new workers in 2011 alone, according to an economist at Moody’s Analytics. Career analysts consistently document that the IT industry places in the top 5 hottest jobs in America, with an estimated 640,000 more IT workers with bachelor’s degrees needed by 2014. As demand continues to increase, the average salary also continues to rise.

Job projections for network and computer systems administrators remains among the fastest growing industries in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Median annual earnings of computer programmers are excellent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 edition.

The Information Technology degree program prepares students for occupations as Computer and Information Systems Managers, Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts, and other related IT careers. For related occupational information, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor's O*NET website.

SOC Codes (Standard Occupational Classification) related to IT careers: 11-3021.00 & 15-1081.00

Click here to learn about Industry Certifications for IT.
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Click here for Tuition and Placement information (Online Program)


The Associate of Occupational Science in Information Technology program is a comprehensive, occupational career training program in information technology. This program provides 60 semester credit hours of instruction with extensive hands-on training, including projects and case studies. Day and evening classes meet 20 hours per week for 4 semesters (60 weeks or 16-months).

The Information Technology program at Fountainhead provides you with the career training necessary to meet the needs and demands of all types of businesses. We help you develop the knowledge and skills to implement LAN (local area networks) and WLAN (wireless local area networks), and develop, maintain, and incorporate security features to protect your network against unauthorized use. This program can help graduates launch careers in technology-related fields with job titles such as Network Administrator, Computer Technician, or Network Engineer.


Typical Course Outline
Associate of Occupational Science in Information Technology
BC205 A+ Essentials 4
BC206 A+ IT Technician 3
BC207 Introduction to Linux 3
BC204 Introduction to Networking 5
Total Semester Hours 15
WS201 Web Site Design 3
PJ202 Project Management 3
PD203 Professional Development 3
DB201 SQL Database Management 3
PM205 Introduction to Programming 3
Total Semester Hours 15
MS301 Installing & Configuring Microsoft OS 3
MS302 Administrating Microsoft Active Directory 3
MS303 Config Microsoft Network Infrastructure 3
MS304 Microsoft Exchange Server 3
MS305 Network Security & Scripting 3
Total Semester Hours 15
CB305 Cisco Networking 3
CB306 Cisco Intermediate Networking 3
OS303 Linux Administration 3
OS304 Linux Integration 3
OS305 Linux Security 3
Total Semester Hours 15

Lecture: 40 Semester Credit Hours

Lab: 20 Semester Credit Hours

Needed to Graduate: 60 Semester Credit Hours

Semesters may be offered out of the sequence shown.


The Associate of Occupational Science in Information Technology is a career training program designed to provide training in the fundamentals of computers, with an intensive focus on computer networking, to qualified post-secondary students-generally those who have no experience in the computer industry.  Students are expected to become proficient in widely used software programs such as Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office Suite,® and learn to design, install, and administer Microsoft Windows-based and Open Source Linux-based networks. Students will also learn troubleshooting skills for computer and computer-network repair, including knowledge of internal computer hardware systems and networking devices such as hubs, routers, bridges and switches. Learning these skills will permit the graduate to gain entry-level employment in the information technology industry.

Degree Award

The Associate of Occupational Science in Information Technology degree will be conferred to graduates upon successful completion of academic requirements and fulfillment of financial obligations.

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