Information Technology Testimonials

Name: Jon Caveman

Graduation Year: 2002
Employer: LinkedIn

Title: Mobile Web Developer

Fountainhead put me on a trajectory to do meaningful, rewarding work.

Fountainhead was the first step down a path to the top of an industry.

Name: Jason Graf

Graduation Year: 2000
Employer: Net3IT
Title: Vice President of Sales 

My family will forever be in gratitude for the career start that Fountainhead provided to me. 

I joined the Air Force out of High School. After a few years I came back to attend a major university but ultimately did not feel like I was on the right path. I heard a radio advertisement for Fountainhead and contacted the school to find out what their programs were all about.

I did not have a lot of experience with computers at that point, but had enough to know I really enjoyed learning how they work. At the time, they were planning on the first IT (information technology) program; they had previously focused on electronic technology. What timing, everything they were offering was exactly what I wanted, and I knew I had a passion for.

Every day at Fountainhead was a joy for me; I ate up everything the instructors could provide.

Fountainhead did an amazing job of putting all the appropriate information into a format that could be easily comprehended. Fountainhead gave me the technology and instructors to make sure I got as much information and experience as I could handle.

I always felt like I had individual attention. Every teacher and administrator made me feel like they were there for me. Fountainhead has a passion for ensuring their students were getting the training they needed to be successful.
I was already working part time for a major university in IT before I graduated from Fountainhead. My employer loved the skill set I was developing, and they could see I had a passion for it.

I have had the opportunity to work in many different IT related jobs over the years. I always look back at my foundation I built at Fountainhead as the building blocks to my career. I am now working in sales and marketing in the technology field and rely on my technical background to help me communicate my company’s value in an easily understood manner.
My education and experience at Fountainhead has had a role in all of my opportunities.

If not for Fountainhead supercharging my entrance into the IT field, I am not sure what I would be doing today.

If you have a passion for technology, and want a successful start to your IT career, then Fountainhead has got to be at the top of your list for prospective schools. You will get all the support you need to become the next Fountainhead hero in our community and beyond. 

When I look back at my time at Fountainhead, the thing that stands out the most are the relationships I formed with my fellow students. I cherish many of those people in my life today as good friends and fellow IT professionals in our community.

When I am not getting overly excited about technology, I greatly enjoy just about any type of sports activity. A day at the park with my family playing catch or throwing Frisbee is tops in my book. My family will forever be in gratitude for the career start that Fountainhead provided to me.

I am married to my wife Danielle and have three children, Hayden, Eli, and Sophia. We love to do anything together that we can. We find ourselves at this phase of life playing a lot of sports like baseball and basketball. We love to play board games, play outside with neighbors, and watch movies together. This is a great time and my wife and I are soaking up every minute of it.

Name: Chris Collins

Graduation Year: 2003 and 2005, IT and NSF Programs
Employer: Composed IT, LLC
Title: Founder and CEO

I’d like to thank Fountainhead College for helping me realize my goals and giving me the tools that I needed to succeed.
When I first toured the Fountainhead College campus in 2002, I had no IT experience or knowledge but I had a lot of passion to learn. Career Services helped me to land a job in the IT field while I was still a student. After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I went to work as a Director of Information Technology at a large medical practice. I continued my studies and received an MBA in 2010. The experience that I developed in my career enabled me to launch my own business, which provides IT and electronic health records (EHR) consulting services.  I’d like to thank Fountainhead College for helping me realize my goals and giving me the tools that I needed to succeed.

Name: Kevin Watkins  

Graduation Year: Spring, 2012

I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in technology.
My experience at Fountainhead was a very good one. I enjoyed the smaller classroom environments and all of the hands-on training. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in technology.


Name: Tim Cantrell  

Graduation Year: 2003
Employer: Scripps Howard 
Title: Computer Technician

The day I graduated I went to my final interview at my dream job with Scripps Networks Interactive.
Before I came to Fountainhead I had worked in many jobs in different fields, never finding my passion and always feeling like I was just treading water. I worked because that was what you were supposed to do, a task that was accepted because it was expected, and certainly not because I liked it. That all changed when I was injured on the job one day and had to miss 6 months of work. The lack of care or empathy from my former employer frustrated and depressed me. It was during this time when I saw my first Fountainhead College commercial. I liked what I saw and since I always kind of tinkered with computers I thought it might be a good way to go get my associates degree. The Information Technology degree seemed like a good fit for me and since it was in something I loved to do, I thought 'Why not?'.

From the second I walked through the door at Fountainhead, I was treated with respect and kindness. I was a little apprehensive about being 35 with a wife and small child, knowing that I was in for some long nights of studying and intensive hands on course work. I'm glad to say that though I had to study and work hard, the instructors and staff at Fountainhead all went the extra mile to make sure I was able to make it. Financial aid helped me get the loans and grants I needed, and when I came up on a subject that was the most challenging to me, programming, the head of the programming department actually met me before classes to help me get a head start by explaining some of the concepts in a way I could understand. Because of his help, and that of other teachers there, I was able to get an A in the course. That never would have happened without the staff being so invested in my education. I count most of the staff members there among my friends and have benefitted from their wisdom time and time again since I graduated.

The Fountainhead staff was really good at prepping us for job interviews, preparing resumes, and trying to teach us how to market ourselves. The day I graduated I went to my final interview at my dream job with Scripps Networks Interactive. I am a Unix Systems Administrator and absolutely love what I do. I no longer wonder where my life is going or what my next job will be. I now look forward to every day here and the challenges that they bring. I use the things I learned at Fountainhead every day. Fountainhead provided the real world education that was exactly what I needed.

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