On Campus Technical Career Training Programs

Students at Fountainhead College of Technology in Knoxville TennesseeIf you like working with other students to achieve your goals, taking courses on campus is probably the best option for you. Our campus programs offer students social and group learning opportunities in each classroom. Our faculty has developed rich and interactive ways of engaging students. We understand that some students learn better with face-to-face interaction, so if you are someone who needs interaction, our on campus career training programs may be better for you than our online degree programs. Available at our Knoxville Tennessee college site, our campus programs also offer extracurricular activities, clubs and student groups not available to online students.

On campus students learn from each other and a diverse group of students can give you the opportunity to make friends, find study partners and learn more about people from different backgrounds.

Hands-On Learning: Fountainhead’s on campus technology education programs give you the opportunity to interact with your instructors face-to-face each day. You’ll be able to immediately ask questions if you don’t understand something or seek extra help during your instructor’s office hours. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in labs, field trips and other hands-on learning opportunities designed to help you learn more than any textbook could ever teach you.

Organized Schedules: Fountainhead’s on campus programs are held at set times during the week. We offer morning and evening classes, Monday through Thursday. These scheduled class times allow you to plan your day effectively and build in study time for extracurricular activities.

Class Length: Day students attend four days per week for five hours each day (300 minutes) and receive 40 minutes of break time throughout each day. Evening students attend four nights per week for four hours per night (240 minutes) and receive 30 minutes of break time throughout each night. Day students are on campus 20 hours per week and evening students are on campus 16 hours per week. Evening students should expect a weekend assignment equivalent to four (4) hours of instructional time on top of the required study time.

Class Size: Average class size is 14, but lecture classrooms permit 40 students, and computer labs permit 20 students.

Associate Degree Programs

Computer Programming

Electronic Technology

Health Information Management - Health Information Technology

Health Information Management -Medical Coding

Information Technology

Bachelor Degree Programs

Computer Technology - Application Development

Electronic Wireless Communication

Network Security & Forensics

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