Admissions & College Information FAQs

General FAQs

  • How do I get admitted to Fountainhead?

    The admissions process begins by having an interview with a Fountainhead admissions representative. As part of the interview, the representative will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your technical career goals and will guide you on a tour of our Knoxville, TN college campus. You will learn about our campus environment, academic programs, computer facilities, student support services and much more. You will take a brief enrollment exam and provide your high-school diploma, GED and/or college transcript. The Financial Aid department may assist you in developing a finance plan. Once you have paid your enrollment fee, your package will be submitted for approval by the College's director, and you will be on your way to starting an exciting career in technology.

  • Are there ACT or SAT requirements?

    There is no requirement for ACT or SAT scores to attend Fountainhead College of Technology, however, there is a requirement for applicants to pass a 25-question enrollment exam, which is given at the Knoxville college campus at no cost. If you have an ACT score of 17 OR a SAT score of 830, you are not required to take the enrollment exam.


  • Can I enroll with a GED?

    Yes, the minimum education credential required to attend Fountainhead College of Technology is a high school diploma or passed General Educational Development (GED) exam.

  • Is Fountainhead College of Technology accredited?

    Yes, Fountainhead College of Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). For information visit

  • Are General Education classes required such as English, History or Psychology?

    No general education classes are required in the Associate programs. At least 30 hours of General Education classes are required in all Bachelor programs.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost varies depending on the technology degree program. The current rates are $400 - $500 per semester credit hour. Students may qualify for financial aid assistance such as Pell grants, state grants, loans, etc. To find out what you qualify for, please make an appointment to talk with our Financial Aid Office. Please also see the FCT Tuition Cost Chart.

  • What is a private loan and what private loans are available?

    Preferred Lender List

    If students require funds for education, in addition to their federal financial aid package, they may consider an alternative student loan. These are private educational loans offered by a lender and are not federally guaranteed. Approval for this type of loan is based on your credit, often requiring a co-signer.   Students may qualify for loans and other assistance under the Title IV, HEA programs.  These loans should be explored first as private loans generally offer less advantages and benefits than federal Direct Loans. 
    Fountainhead identifies the following preferred lenders based on reputation, interest rates, services and convenience to our students. Fountainhead neither has affiliation with nor receives benefits or incentives from any lender, regardless of a preferred lender designation. None of the lenders on the list are affiliated. Students are welcome to choose a lender not on the preferred lender list.

    Our preferred lenders for private loans are:

    - Sallie Mae

    - Tuition Options

    • Please see the Financial Aid Office




  • How long are your programs?

    Associate programs are 16 months. Following the attainment of an Associate degree at Fountainhead, or other approved college, a Bachelor program typically requires 16 months of advanced study. If you are transferring in credit, this may vary. Contact the admissions team to learn more about program lengths and credit transfer.

  • Can I get financial aid?

    Financial aid is available to those who qualify. This is determined after you have had an interview with an Admissions Representative, taken a tour and then passed a 25-question enrollment exam.

  • Are there any scholarships available?

    Yes, there are several institutional scholarships available. To see if you qualify, speak with an admissions representative.

  • Do credits taken at Fountainhead transfer to other colleges?

    As a rule, it is entirely up to the receiving institution to accept credit from another college. As such, credits earned from Fountainhead may not transfer to other schools. Please see the Transfer Credit Policy.

  • Does previous college credit transfer into Fountainhead?

    College transfer credit is determined by the Director of Education prior to enrollment. Candidates must submit an official academic transcript. Students can also test out of certain courses by acquiring approved certifications that are considered equivalent to the course offered.

  • Is job placement assistance available from Fountainhead?

    Yes, job placement assistance is one of the ongoing services provided to students and graduates who are in good standing. There is no charge to the student, graduate or employer for this service, available from our Career Services department.

eCampus Online Degree Programs

  • Which programs are offered online?

    Fountainhead offers several online degree programs to Tennessee residents.

    Online Associate Degree Programs
    Online Bachelor Degree Programs
  • How does Fountainhead's online learning system work?

    Students are given an account to log in at which links to Fountainhead's eCampus or "The Source." Once logged in, students have access to a learning management system that facilitates the many aspects of online distance learning. Students interact with their instructors and other class members there and your instructor will help you navigate The Source to meet your goals. Features of the LMS include:

    • Presentation modules that the student observes prior to projects
    • Assignments and assessments
    • Email, chat, and threaded group discussions
  • How do I enroll in an online class?

    Complete the form Request Information form and select your online program of interest from the "What is your Program of Interest" box. The Online Degree Programs end with "ONLINE". You will receive a response with a website link, a key word and instructions to take the Online Student Success Assessment (OSSA). You may follow the directions to complete the Assessment at your convenience or wait for an admissions person to contact you.

    The representative will contact you and provide you with the results of your Assessment and discuss your technical education and career goals. If you want to proceed, the representative will schedule a required visit to our Knoxville, TN campus. The representative will provide you with a list of items to bring so that everything can be accomplished in a single visit.

    Visit the campus, discuss the online degree program you are interested in and ask a lot of questions. Tour the campus and meet the instructor or department head. Take the enrollment exam and meet with the financial aid team member. If everything is as you expect it to be and you want to proceed, pay the $100 enrollment fee and you are all set!

  • How are online courses different than on campus courses?

    Online courses and on campus courses share the same curriculum and general expectations, except for attendance. Online courses require the student to be self motivating, patient and be able to complete tasks on schedule. If a student is seeking the easiest path to becoming a Fountainhead graduate then a residential course at our Knoxville college campus would be recommended.

  • Do the online courses require attendance?

    The online courses require that each student meet weekly milestones. If a student does not log in, interact with others and participate at least once a week they may be dismissed unless mitigating circumstances are present.

  • When does my online class meet?

    Once enrolled, students may start their online class at the next scheduled semester start date. Students have the flexibility to access the online college course 24/7. Multiple opportunities for interaction will be available and minimum participation will be required and documented on the course syllabus. Students may have discussion group requirements that will be scheduled within the individual groups.

  • How often do I have to come to campus for my online class?

    Students must visit the Knoxville, TN campus prior to enrollment for identity verification and to discuss financial aid. Students will also tour the campus, take the enrollment exam. Once classes start, students are required to visit the campus at the end of each semester to take a final exam. Online students are welcome to visit the campus anytime during the semester if desired. Instructor availability is posted on the syllabus.

  • Are online courses instructor led or self-paced?

    Online courses are instructor led. The instructor will have posted hours of availability. Instructors are also available by appointment. Courses may have required online group projects. The online course content is available 24/7.

  • How many other students will be in my online class with me?

    The online courses have a maximum capacity of 25 students.

  • How do I interact with others online?

    The student interacts with the instructor and other class members utilizing email, chat, and threaded group discussion.

  • Will I need internet access for my online class?

    Yes. The online system requires live broadband connectivity while utilizing the system. Most courses include a textbook for offline reading.

  • Will I need to buy a computer for my online class?

    Students enrolled in online degree programs do not necessarily have to purchase a new computer. Most computers of modern design that effortlessly surf the Internet are sufficient to utilize the online learning system. Each degree program has minimum system requirements which will be reviewed with you prior to enrollment.

  • Who do I call if I have a problem with the online system?

    Most technical issues, if any, will be resolved upon your first several connections to the online system. In the rare occasion that a problem occurs, technical support is available. Contact 

    Availability will be posted in the course syllabus.

On Campus Classes

  • Is housing available on campus?

    Fountainhead College does not provide dormitory facilities or housing but will gladly assist students in locating housing in the Knoxville, TN area by providing a list of local apartments.

  • What time are classes offered?

    Morning classes are offered from 8:00am to 1:00pm Monday through Thursday and Night classes meet from 5:30pm to 9:30pm Monday through Thursday. Call the admissions team to learn more since class schedules may vary.

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