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Why earn an Online Associate's Degree?

The decision to pursue an Associate Degree is a starting point that helps many students focus on an area of interest and acquire fundamental skills and knowledge that can help them figure out the direction their future will take.

At Fountainhead College of Technology, we want all prospective students to feel confident in choosing a school that offers industry-current Associate Degree programs in the most sought-after fields.

We also offer an unparalleled level of student support to help you get the most out of your education. Online students are ALWAYS WELCOME to visit the on-campus classes to talk one-on-one with the instructor and/or interact with other students. Whether you are seeking to advance your personal or professional skills, Fountainhead will support you every step of the way.

Here are a few Fast Facts about Associate's Degrees:
  • Graduates with Associate Degrees earn up to 23% more than high school graduates.

  • Over a lifetime, individuals with Associate Degrees earn $593,000 more in salary than those with high school diplomas. An Associate Degree provides credentials that increase annual earnings by an average of $7,200.

  • Graduates with additional certifications and licenses in their field earn up to 27% more than those with just Bachelor's Degrees.

  • Getting an Associate Degree will save you money. Attending a 4-year college can be expensive and many students graduate from college with a lot of debt. Earning an Associate Degree can help you get a college education without accumulating excessive debt.

  • Earning an Associate Degree will allow you to keep your full-time job

  • Earning an Associate Degree requires less of a commitment.

  • Unlike a Bachelor's Degree, an Associate Degree takes only two years to finish. Students often enroll in associate degree programs as a first step toward a better career, sometimes even before deciding what career to pursue.

  • Associate Degree graduates are more attractive to employers

  • Many employers prefer to hire someone with a college degree.

Sources: American Association of Community Colleges, US Census Bureau statistics

Online Associate Degree Programs
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